Boston nurse fired for nudes on OnlyFans launches crypto porn app – Cointelegraph Magazine

Former Boston ICU nurse Allie Rae made international news in August last year after she was fired for running an extremely naughty OnlyFans account on the side. The story appeared everywhere from... Read more »

Bitcoin dumps to hit six month lows near $38K

Bitcoin (BTC) has dumped 7.5% in the past 12 hours, plunging to 6-month lows from $43,328 at 4pm UTC yesterday to $38,258 by 4am UTC today. At the time of writing Bitcoin... Read more »

Vitalik Buterin talks creating Ethereum in previously unreleased 2014 interview

The latest episode of Cointelegraph’s Crypto Stories featured never-before-heard audio from an exclusive interview with Vitalik Buterin, recorded at a conference in Hong Kong in 2014. In this animated short, viewers can... Read more »

Canadian Bitcoin platform Shakepay raises $35M in Series A funding

It’s another shake-up for the finance industry as Montreal-based Bitcoin (BTC) startup Shakepay raised $35 million from investors. The fresh funding from the United States-based venture capital firm QED Investors values the... Read more »

Individual ETH miner hits jackpot with $540K block reward

An individual Ether (ETH) miner struck it big by mining a block on their own and receiving a reward valued at about $540,000.  The miner was operating through the 2miners Ethereum SOLO... Read more »

2 key Bitcoin trading indicators suggest BTC is ready for a 62% upside move

Bitcoin (BTC) has been below $45,000 for 14 days and is currently 40% below the $69,000 all-time high. This movement holds similarities to late-September 2021, when Bitcoin price flat-lined for 11 days... Read more »

43% of Bitcoin trading volume during US market hours: Arcane Research

Uncle Sam dominates the Bitcoin (BTC) trading arena according to a report published by Arcane Research. Bitcoins’ 90-day correlation to the S&P 500 is currently at its highest since October 2020 while... Read more »

Georgian citizens made to swear an oath to stop mining crypto

Residents of Svaneti, Georgia, have reportedly been made to pledge a holy oath they will not mine cryptocurrency in order to deal with energy shortages blamed on Bitcoin mining. The economy of... Read more »

Where are the best APYs for stablecoins?

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Bitcoin price can’t find its footing, but BTC fundamentals inspire confidence in traders

Bitcoin’s (BTC) sudden crash on Jan. 10 caused the price to trade below $40,000 for the first time in 110 days and this was a wake-up call to leveraged traders. $1.9 billion... Read more »