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  1. Alts aren’t dead…just beat down. But now is the time to DCA because once they come back they take off!!!

  2. I feel staking will also provide the needed liquidity for these projects to survive the bear.

    1. I’m curious what SEC regulations will do to exchanges during a vulnerable bear market phase

  3. According to youtubers that cover cryptocurrency alt coins have died 89 times in 5 years.

  4. My strategy is all cash until end of the year waiting for tech stocks to start recovering, then buy BTC and switch to alts after some gains in BTC.

  5. Great analysis Ben.
    I’m still holding all my alts due to buying at mid price last year, so currently down around 80%-ouch!!!
    Never got the blow off top, which was highly expected so wasn’t able to sell before market fell-darn it!!
    Can’t wait till I at least see prices get back up so I can capitulate my bag, then buy more strategically and keep lots of powder for those strategic buys.
    I currently have around 25 coins spread out on 4 exchanges-need to get my bag down to 5-10 at most.

    1. Xrp xdc xlm cspar algo…… 😉 589 days sec vs ripple xrp and to the moon very close to 589 days….

  6. There is an exception *We uploaded a video about this which you should take care on* 🚀
    You will understand why this shouldn’t even be “ALT”

  7. The crypto market won’t be mainstream until coins like XRP and XLM lead the way with utility. Of course, you will always have the sh*t coins that some people will make money with but you don’t want to be last person in lol. If a coin doesn’t have utility you should not buy. Not financial advice just my genius opinion .

  8. If you’re into accumulation, ADA also grows itself through staking. Network fees are redistributed to ADA holders who stake their wallet.
    REMEMBER: Cardano is built for self-custody, never send your tokens to anyone! Simply hold in your private wallet (off exchanges), delegate to CarPool, ADA stays liquid – never locked and always in your custody.

  9. DCA or buying the dip does not mean taking all of your money to one bag or at one time. Always always save money if the market gets worse

  10. when ppl say altcoins are dead… its time to buy altcoins and hold until next halving. this is where you make the REAL money, just make sure you pick the altcoins with high exchange availability and solid team. NFA

    1. @GGPI Investor me2. just make sure there is very high exchange exposure and tier 1. goodluck..

  11. Dumped all my alts. bought over a million xlm and over 100k xrp. Hopefully your right Ben. I’ll stick with the ISO’s

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