⚠️WARNING: STRICT Regulation Ahead (Fed Going ALL IN On CRYPTO!!)

Today we will be talking about Circle's USDC stablecoin being added natively to the Polygon blockchain. Next we'll look at the new crypto bill being proposed by a bipartisan pair of senators. what does it mean for crypto regulation going forward? Last we'll talk about the launch of a new investigation by the SEC into Binance's BNB ICO launch.

Around the Blockchain is your favorite Cryptocurrency show discussing Bitcoin, , , and the top altcoins. Our four crypto experts include That Martini Guy, Arcane Bear, Joe Parys & Ben Armstrong. Tune in for their insightful crypto analysis!

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⚠️WARNING: STRICT Regulation Ahead (Fed Going ALL IN On CRYPTO!!)

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  1. 18:59 the Grubberment hasn’t got more and more dishonest, you’re just seeing it through your own valid context more and more now given your age and commensurate experience and maturity. They have always been shifty and untrustworthy

  2. Basically crypto has been captured and everyone is fine with that. What happened to flipping the middle finger to the legacy financial system lol

  3. UK i heard has free healthcare (taxpayerfunded), here in the US we go broke just for getting sick

    1. UK i heard has year long waiting lists for medical procedures, month long waits for diagnostics, weeks for test results.

  4. Polygon is teh ETHER of Layer2’s… until MATICS Multisig admin key steps in the chat… lmao

  5. Arbitrum and optimism metis etc. are layer2s not Polygon – Polygon is side chain and Vitalic said that rollups have a future not sidechains like Polygon – just saying – as sidechains and layer two rollups have a big difference in how they work and how they are programmed/implemented so as there are two types of rollups – sidechains will have no use when eth2.0 will be released

    1. Polygon can act as a sidechain because it was built for ethereum.

      The new ethereum is a side chain that gets merged into ethereums current chain. Later on, other protocols will be merged into this to form ethereum 2.0, after all merges go into effect.

      The sharding protocol of eth 2.0 is another sidechain merge onto the new eth sidechain which acts as a layer 2 to ethereum. This sharding merge is the merge of polygon.

      Polygon is etherems 2.0’s sharding protocol acting as it’s layer 2.

      Eth 2.0 doesn’t fully exist until after all merges and not until Polygon is merged into ethereums own sidechain.

    2. @eric whittington polygon is not secure as layer 2 like MetisDao . Cause it doesn’t use Ethereum security.

    3. @Sandro Kolar that doesn’t matter… it’s just a communication across the new eth chain where any communication going into eth still has eth security… it only uses the protocol of the roll up to gather the info it needs to pull into the eth chain and as the eth chain, everything else is filtered and left out.

    4. @Sandro Kolar the rest of the information is left in the layer 2 as it’s own build ontop of eth and not in eth

  6. If this dude says “step in the right direction” one more time… 🤦🏾‍♂️😅

  7. When is the biggest crypto youtube channel gonna talk about the biggest youtube related crypto project?
    Talking about Xcad watch to earn of course, launching on june the 16th.
    Sometimes I don’t understand you..

  8. L2 hype is over. It’s no longer a sustainable investment. Smart money will just use the l2s and dump the tokens on launch. Ethereum needs to solve itself. We have removed all of our liquidity from eth last year.

  9. ben, at 15:10 you say the sec is run by the cme. what are you talking about? the cme is a futures exchange. (remember cme bitcoin futures?) it only sells futures contracts. futures contracts are regulated by the commodities and futures trading commission (cftc.) why the hell would cme be interested in running the sec? your statement makes no sense man

  10. Better to buy now anonymous cryptocurrencies that cannot be regulated, my choice is Crypton in the utopia ecosystem

  11. Regulation is going to be a good think for crypto, the only reason large corporations havnt gotten into crypto is because it’s not regulated

  12. Ben is comparing polygon as he said a layer 2 crypto to Cardano a layer 1 crypto…get on the same page dude 🙄

  13. If we want to be a better country in future, we need to change election law, the US Senator and Congress limitation for serving time. It has to be changed to two terms or 10 years for each electret officer for his/her life. So he/she really works for the better country’s future and people, not his/her next election.

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