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    1. @Felix Cepeda is no thinking negative you can’t imply that perspective it this your mental state go ahead with it! I’m firm believer on crypto and I’m learning every day because this financial cartel is against the humanity and that’s why believe in Bitcoin and crypto N general!!

  1. How to prepare: Do nothing….absolutely nothing. Hold long as you can and DCA while its dippin on the sales….ez

    1. @Cyber Threat Thanks for the advice but i’ve never spent any money that i can’t afford to lose so i agree with that 100%

    2. @jazy921 lots of different ways you can keep constant exposure in crypto to keep some form of dca going.

    1. we are, but is it a run of the mill recession or is it going to be like more of a depression or ‘great recession’

    2. @Ladi Dadi this is not the tip of an iceberg. The singularity is around the corner.

    3. Parts of the world that go through food shortages and famine will be in a depression. Destabilization campaigns last years. Remember the US doesn’t have the rare earth resources to make the leap into the electric economy. Wallstreet and the Bankers need to create economic hardships around the world to take over land and resources.

  2. Great talk. I appreciate it. Been DCA for a long time and it’s true after every double I took out money and even though I left some unearned profits I actually had profits!

  3. Very inspirational. Came into crypto late. Started watching your channel in 2020. It definitely has provided some guidelines for investing in crypto. I really appreciate what you are doing.

  4. This is exactly what I needed to hear. I did go all in JAN 2021 and started watching you daily. I’m not a millionaire. But I did 2.8x my money and took some profits. I should have taken more. I can see that now. I’ve taught myself the charts, the lingo, the space. And still learning. Wanna thank you for everything you’ve done and continue to do. I like you’re honesty and when you own your mistakes. It validates your integrity and one of the reasons why I continue to watch. The banter and the crew is hilarious at times and keeps me plugged in. Currently building cash reserves and buying dips at predetermined targets. I hope during the next bull run I will have made it. I am here. And I am here to stay. Thank you Ben and the BitSquad!

    1. Love this comment. I think the exact same thing. These are genuine honest guys doing their best to help 👏

  5. This is exactly what we people need to hear. This does help very much Ben. The truth shall set you free

  6. I thank you so much for this candid conversation. I’m sharing it with people I love.

  7. one of the best videos ive seen yet and ive been here since 2019. I wasn’t prepared for this bull run but I sure as hell will be for the next one.

  8. Ben i dont know if youll see this, but im here everyday always have been for 2 years now, even through every deep lul, all ive been doing is dollar cost averaging with a 4 year plan in mind of stacking everything i have into blue chips i believe in, and im actually quite educated in the space right now I continuously read crypto literature and consume content like yours on a daily basis and ive always defended you to the hills when the anons of the twitter space try to defame you, im 25 and everyone around me probably thinks im crazy but im 100% all in, not as in everything i have at this moment but emotionally, physically & spiritually also lol. I will get there and its hard my familys not in the best place financially ive actually a tear in my eye writing this but i will pull them outve it I couldn’t even care about myself. But im glad i have someone like you to listen to, so anyways rant over. Thank you ben.

  9. Hi Ben,

    I think we’ve been in a depression since 2007. The nominal values have increased but the real value of currency has decreased. Additionally the proportion of people in the real workforce has decreased significantly since 2007.

    On the crypto front, I’m still expecting a blow off top as the dollar never can be sustained at this level given the reserve currency status of it. Global trade will stop with a strong dollar. Also you can see the ‘smart’ money still buying crypto and these guys need to make money every quarter.

    1. @Cueball Wizard it could go either way and regardless it will happen because I’m XRP BABY! 😂

  10. Thanks man for the truth! I’m in the boat that’s what people need to hear… I spent the last two years listing to how my co-workers are going to be rich and quite. Not A one of them have quite.
    When Dug in deep to crypto I started learning it was similar in some aspects of the stock market but faster…. YOU HAVE TO DO THE WORK and sacerfice now to make it later. These are the times we noobs need to accumulate…. But few are getting it…. I now get guys at work asking when I’m getting out like they did… I just keep telling them in not ever selling in the next two years. I tell them to ask me were I am at in 2-4 years…. I started this with a 4-6 year plan. I’m going to see it through. Please keep preaching the hard truths.

  11. Very certain that this market will recover. The FED is screwed, what can they possible do to help the pressure? They screwed up and everything is crashing. Cash isn’t king at all in this era the best strategy is to start buying in slowly and then gradually increase the pace of buying as the prices continue to drop. Don’t catch the falling knife. I’m still going hard on this crazy market and I’m doing just fine. My portfolio currently up 22% from Q1 of 2022. The market will remain a money den for those who know where to look. adding more stocks at a time

    1. Gotta take advantage. Recession is a huge opportunity to get rich. Y’all better be ready to get your money up because, Paper gains and losses are normal throughout the investing cycle. Remember people are fearful this is time to get greedy. Don’t go all once, but buy slowly

    2. @Wesley clay I think i’ve heard about copying trades before but i have no idea of how it works. I just checked out her name online and was able to find her website. Her qualification/testimonials seem solid with positive reviews, she seems checked out. Is there a minimum amount required for her services?

    3. Investing and becoming wealthy are easy but being patient is very hard. I’ve purchased shares in only 14 companies in my investing lifetime which began in 1999. I am positive i did not achieve the optimal return but i am wealthy before the age of 40 all the same. Long term investors who are panic selling will regret it in 6 months (maybe sooner)

    4. @Nathan miller She’s well known for what she does but You gotta ask her first though, so it doesn’t seem as if i am promoting an agenda. I started with a sizeable sum I had laying around in a savings account, around $80k at the time. But the beauty of this style is that you have control over your funds, you don’t give out your funds here, it stays right in your account while your account mirrors her trades automatically.

    5. Very well said. Buying the dip always works. my entire portfolio financially stable dividend stocks.

  12. Love this story. That being said, you can make the most life changing money in your life during a recession. I can’t wait, sorry for those who get hurt in the process

  13. Videos like these are way more educational and more personal than any videos you make in your fancy studio. You dont need that studio…sell it and just do videos like these going forward. You are way more relatable and genuine in this type of format.

  14. Thanks, Ben. Definitely needed to hear that. I missed taking profits last November. Prolly the price I had to pay for not taking Crypto seriously back in 2017-2020. Hopefully I won’t make the same mistake again.

  15. If crypto explodes next week you really need to learn this basic lesson Ben: Whales paint the charts to make them bearish so traders will guaranteed sell right before bull runs, and when the last Bull says its a bear market the bear market is over. Chart guys seem good at predicting tops and BAD at predicting bottoms for this reason. Ok lets see what the unpredictable future holds for us, GL TO US ALL! Much love Bitsquad! DCABTFD!

  16. Exactly what I needed to hear today! I just got serious with crypto this year so I’m going all in and buying this dip so when 2024/2025 bull run hit I’ll be good!!

  17. I really appreciate this message and I know that no other crypto influencers are saying this as clear and compassionately as you guys, so thank you!

  18. I appreciate this Ben. in the game for a bit under a year, I thought I was doing it right this bull run, and convinced of the parabolic shift that was about to happen I went all in, depended on the hype and invested huge amounts of my savings (about $10,000.00 – not a lot for some but huge for me). I lost such a large amount of money. It hurt. ‘ve been challenged with coping with this hit and been really hard on myself. This video is really helpful in giving me support and learning from past mistakes. Time to reset, thanks man.

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