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  1. A lot of things are possible indicators of a bottom…yet we keep going lower! Lol. No one knows! Dca is the way! If 10k I’m dca, if 20-22k, I’m dca!

    1. @Zabo Doo Why is that funny? I don’t understand. I’ve bought an EXTRA 5k BTC and 3k ETH in the last week. I’ve also upped my DCA to $250/week. Why would I only buy when the price is going up? I buy UST when BTC is over 40k. Buy in a bear, sell in a bull. We are in a bear = buy. BTC dominance is gonna keep going up and alts will lose another 30% and most will disappear.

  2. Most times, where death cross has occured, the crash was already over.
    Just look at the 2021 crash (63,9k-30k)
    Shortly after the deathcross happened, the price went up.

    1. @jackcarterog001 you nailed it. It’s denial . The only death cross I can find on the BTC chart happened back in January . Right now the BTC 50 period ema is at it’s furthest point from the 200 ema which could see the price come up a little but there is still way more downside potential than upside right now.

  3. Love how Blockchain Backer called this bear market months before everyone else, Bitboy was not onboard with this theory. Jus sayin

    1. @Bobby Amos Sure, everyone’s own choice. Just saying he is a terrible source for information and shouldn’t be listened to

    2. He has yet to be right on altcoin season and looks to be wrong unless a crypto miracle happens 🤞

    3. @Gen ZoD Spot on???? He had a $10k bet that bitcoin would go to $100k before 2022… is that spot on? He is now bearish because he sold all his bitcoin and wants it to go as low as possible before buying in again…..This is the same guy who has been saying since November that Xrp Sec case will be settled and Xrp will moon with 2 weeks, every week!


    4. Y’all all negative but yet on his channel and commenting. Always do your own research nothing wrong being wrong as long as you have plan a and b and c

  4. All that analysis doesn’t matter.. If that inflation rate number comes in higher than 8.3 next month The stock market will dump even harder ..So will the Crypto markets!! it’s that Simple!.. The crypto markets are still Correlated with the stock market For Now..

  5. “Death Cross ” on the Daily Bitcoin chart , or 50 EMA dropping under the 200 EMA happened back on January 2nd of 2022′ . Right now the 50 is it’s furthest away from the 200 and could be an indication that the BTC price could be ready to go back up to test that resistance at the 50 period EMA on the Daily. If you pull up a monthly chart the price wicked down to the 50 EMA and it has been holding as support . On the monthly chart it still looks like a deep pullback that could resume it’s uptrend if the economy improves, but by the looks of the volume and some lower timeframe technical analysis, there is plenty more downside to go too .

    1. @Crypto Pump sounds like you should find a better use of time than watching a channel you don’t like for 3 years

    2. @Crypto Pump “I don’t watch this guy anymore” 🤣🤣🤣 Mister, you’re literally watching his channel as you type that!!!

  6. “is it a reliable indicator if its 50/50?”
    “Yes and No!”

    This is some of your best analysis I have ever heard!

  7. The key is to avoid listening to people like this who just give you every available option and love to move the optics sooooo much to meet their narrative and ultimately sell their video lol 😂

    1. I agree…I know I am looking at the market from a different perspective than Ben because I don’t have a multi million dollar portfolio. But I take in a 8 min video that this channel does 24/7 market research on and move accordingly. Pretty convenient…thanks Ben!

    2. So tell you the positive only. Get you to buy in and say sorry guys I was wrong is what you want? Lol you probably shouldn’t invest you don’t think people have a responsibility to give you both the good and the bad.

    1. @jamie lyon Please research ISO20022 and the compliant cryptos. The future global monetary system.

  8. I’m really beginning to like the direction you guys are going now. Seems Solid without a ton of “hopeium” . 👍

  9. Please dont say “no channel works harder”, there are others that work just as hard or even harder. Ones that dont lie to their audiences for profit from time to time.

  10. When everyone is freaking screaming sell, we’re going to crash is generally when the market goes parabolic.. Remember the hands that be control every thing.

  11. That’s the best explanation of the infamous death cross I’ve ever heard in 3 years in this space. Thanks for all you do

  12. Thanks Ben for all you do! Out of 3-5 crypto channels/platforms I watch you are one of them. I joined early 2021 so I was able to see the second half of the bull and make a lil profit as well. Im excited for the bear market and all the opportunities it presents. In 2-3 years I hope I can be in a good spot investment wise and I’ll have you to thank! History is my selling point and the fact of bitcoin halving is my confident theory of investing. Enjoy the ball game

  13. I would like to thank Bitboy for his Cartesi pump and advice, now I have Capital losses to offset Capital gains

  14. Thanks Ben insightful video.
    I agree it’s good to be picking up Bitcoin at these prices, but definitely make sure you’re ready if it drops further.
    If you’re in this for more than 5 years you were going to do very well.
    If you’re going to need the money in a week a month or a year then you might want to rethink being in this space.
    Keep up the great work 📈

  15. Cryptocurrencies are the most exciting development in the world at this moment. They hold the potential to change everything and let people around the world have a better life. I can’t wait to see where we are at in 5-10 years

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