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  1. Owned one eth and have been able to buy another 2.5 during the bear market, trying to hold atleast 4 before the eth merge

  2. Sorry lad but all of the comments made by others around ETH are likely to be true. Just because the idea of capturing footage into some early media (ETH) doesn’t mean that we won’t move onto VHS, DVDs and BluRay. That’s already happening and only the nostalgic will hang on to it. The technology is outclassed already and it’ll die off as others take hold.

  3. All of that aside, eth will most likely rally as we lead up to the merge then sell off when it happens (just like btc halvings).

  4. I remember people thinking Betamax would be the winner over VHS because it was superior in every way. On paper, it should have won out. Now, no one hardly knows what Betamax ever was.

  5. Ethereum is king period. I will not sell my Ethereum any time soon as I know one day it will dethrone bitcoin. I stand firm in my conviction ! Thank you Ben for putting out this great video!

  6. Hedera is superior to Cardano in every category except for popularity…I’ll take Hbar over Ada 10 out of 10 times to unseat Eth😂 Hbar🚀 Xrp🚀 Qnt🚀

  7. How can we have this conversation about Ethereum and not mention the boost it’s getting from an imminent Pulsechain launch?

  8. Same arguments were used for AOL back in the day. Where are they now?
    I would also add Eth isn’t convenient to use at all…nor is it cheap.
    There will come a point where it can’t be upgraded fast enough to stay relevant. When will that time come who knows, but to say it won’t Ever happen is silly.

  9. You never gave one solid reason for why ETH will become dominant, other than what amounts to it being large (easiest to use because system is largest; biggest pool of develoers, etc.)

  10. I think the future of ETH really depends on ETH 2.0 getting fully implemented (not just the merge) before 2024 and addressing the gas fees. If you’re correct about the price of ETH and it goes astronomical even with ETH 2.0 the gas fees will still be high. If it does not get gas fees lower it will be the Myspace of crypto, and ADA will be the Facebook/Twitter. In terms of convivence and using the ETH chain versus another chain, essentially all the wallets on any given chain have very similar UI/UX and functionality to ETH wallets. Same thing with DEXs, NFT secondary markets they are all structured similarly so I don’t think that will be an issue.

  11. Ben everybody underestimates the the merge and kicking all the miners off the network the miners carry the network, in my opinion it’s nothing without the miners, mining is what makes Bitcoin great nothing else.

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