0.5% FED Rate Hike! (WARNING: INFLATION Is Not Done Climbing)

Today we are talking about the . Next, ADA has released a new stablecoin, going NUTS on the charts. Will the stay rising? Finally, Polkadot is FINALLY launching its parachain interoperability.

Around the is your favorite Cryptocurrency show discussing Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, and the . Our four experts include Altcoin Daily, WendyO, Mine Your Biz, & Ben Armstrong. Tune in for their insightful analysis.

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Wendy O:

Altcoin Daily:

Mine Your Biz:


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0.5% ! (WARNING: INFLATION Is Not Done Climbing)

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  1. BitBoy Crypto, home of the bagholder
    Squad. Nowhere else do you find more XRP ADA Bagholders on earth

  2. The FED told you it was going to be 0.50. Does Ben know anything about how the markets working thinking 0.75 raise lol

  3. The fact that Wendy didn’t know if ADA had smart contracts. What a face palm moment lol.

    1. im as surprised as her since when? I heard about sundaeswap being a fail but I mean theyve teased with it so long now that now that they have smart contract it missed me, actually now that I think of it I think I remember it, but still a nothingburger tho, that was the catalyst that was supposed to moon ada, yet nothing

    2. @chickensandw1tch it was a buy the rumor sell the news event. It wasn’t supposed to move the market. When the apps get built out and the ecosystem grows (such as COTI as the stablecoin development), thats when real growth happens. Otherwise it’s still all speculators trying to make money on each other.

  4. Why is everyone here mad about what ben has predicted. YOU ARE IN CHARGE OF YOUR FINANCIAL SITUATION. Don’t invest what you can’t afford to lose. This is high stakes gambling and when you buy a crypto make sure you know what your getting instead of following blindly

    1. Buying crypto isn’t always a gamble. Think long term and the odds of you coming out on top greatly increase!

  5. Fast forward to August -Sept. and Ben will be say “I told you we were in a bear cycle not bear market.’ Mark my words this dude will do a complete 180 and lie!!!

    1. How is it a lie. It’s nothing but his opinion or an educated guess. You sound like someone who puts too much stock in the opinion of others. What do you think we’re in…a bear or bull market? You follow these guys for their experience…they’ve been around Crypto longer than the average investor, but they’re not fortune tellers. Value some of their opinions, yes, but also do you own research to make the decision that best suit you moving forward.

  6. These dudes are always saying HODL, but it seems like they are trying to scare people out, or misinformation about a 20k btc, but have been wrong so often. Stop predicting the market, your terrible at it.
    They still use these 200 year old candles lol at least use the heikin ashi candles and I might believe your “predictions” a bit more
    By the way, big fan lol

  7. People still believe in the future of mining even if all the evidence is against them

  8. Show how informed you guys are…
    You are thinking sleepy Joe is up for reelection this year.

    Don’t even know what a midterm election is

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