$1.5 Billion BITCOIN Dumped!! (Most Brutal Bear Market Ahead!)

Today we are discussing the CRASH. Why is the price of dumping? Our expert analysts give us an idea of where the price is headed next. Next, we’ll talk about UST and how it’s no longer pegged to the US Dollar as the price hit $0.94. Is Do Kwon responsible for this collapse?

Around the Blockchain is your favorite Cryptocurrency show discussing Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, and the top altcoins. Our four crypto experts include Gareth Soloway, Crypto Keeper, Sin City Crypto, & Ben Armstrong. Tune in for their insightful !

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$1.5 Billion BITCOIN Dumped!! (Most Brutal Ahead!)

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  1. Personally I look for QE by the end of Q2 because of inflation and the feds being unable to stabilize the economy

    1. The Fed would lose all credibility if they backtracked and started printing after a record level of doing so since 2008 and especially over the last two years.

      Jerome Powell would be laughed off stage at every appearance.

    1. @Starfish Cameo you’re dreaming. 6k BTC? At that price level MY market buys alone will pump it at that fucking price lmao. I’m backing up the truck

    2. @Ronbo Omega exactly. I’m not arguing that it won’t hit any of those levels 20k, 16k, 6k etc.

      but the reality is you, me, and everyone else you know in crypto will fucking smash that market buy button if BTC hits those levels lool

    3. There is less then 5% for you to buy btc exactly when bull market starts.. you never now the price

  2. Thank you folks for tirelessly researching and presenting your findings…insightful, informative and in it for the long haul as always, keep it up guys 👍

  3. The first 8 minutes of Ben talking about OTHER people getting it wrong 😂😂😂 Oh, my stomach hurts!!! 😂😂😂

    1. @Yolo baggins I’m here because I love crypto, and love most of what these guys talk about. Just because I hold Ben accountable for criticizing someone else while he himself has been wrong many times, doesn’t mean that I hate anyone. Actually, I do hate Richard Heart, he is a big black eye on the crypto world. But everyone else gives good info. You just have to take it with a grain of salt and not believe anyone’s price predictions too much.

    2. @Joseph Lester Ask yourself why Ben has admittedly sacrificed to Richard Heart projects, but didn’t tip off his viewers?! You’re delusional both me and Ben will make money on RH projects, difference I’d be honest about it. RH literally nailed the top on the day and made many people rich. Keep hating it’s obviously doing you well.

    3. @ShiftySheep He blocked me on Twitter, so I can’t keep hating as much as I’d like to.

    1. Imagine if there was a guy that they’d had on the show that had called the BTC on the day and predicted ETH would be soon to follow, imagine if there was such a man 😂
      They need to have Richard Heart back on, so they can apologise for laughing at him being bearish even though he was right and never flip flopped to cover his bases. Now the YouTube crypto influencers are suddenly bearish and knew all along. 🤡

  4. If Bitcoin wants anything to be bullish, it needs to reclaim the level at 37.5K. Then I’m assuming we’ll test 39K again as there’s a big gap in between. Under 37.5K, nothing to say about bullish perspectives.

    1. Seeing this from macro perspective i doubt bitcoin will surpass 51k level before the end of Q2. Still no solid ground to bounce up considering war and undefined crypto politics. I think there’s a whole lot of eyes pointed at crypto industry right now, but for that reason i do not believe bitcoin will plummet below 30k which makes me comfortable to hold.

    2. Bitcoin failing at overhead resistance and failing to break above the 200 day moving average. Bitcoin to bottom to support area of around $30-29k and if support fails there it’s going to $25-20k before new all time highs during winter of around $100-140k

    3. This would be one of the last few crypto bearish markets we are going to experience. If you missed the 2017, 2021 bull run this your last chance to get in and make yourself wealthy in the future. My two cents.

    4. This is why being informed pays off. I see any market condition as an opportunity so far i just dollar cost average. I will still be in profits even though i decide to sell today as my average is way lower. Kudos to my Financial Advisor ‘Brenda Gay Mclean’ . I don’t pay attention to the day to day movements & Returns have been good. Not retiring any time soon so who cares what happens today?

  5. The Crypto Whale is always right… ALWAYS! Been calling $5k-$8k if it survives at all. People should just remember who has been shilling rubbish.. and don’t forget it.

  6. thanks for the solid information today. Interesting to see what the world markets are going to do with rising interest rates, wars and scared money everywhere.

  7. It took 10 years for the interest rates to drop and 14 to recover from the last dump in real estate. What makes you think they will come back down anytsoon?

    1. crypto recovers fast, or at least historically will… don’t be surprised if we have a completely diff outcome from what people expect (aka 4 year cycles), markets tend to move in directions you don’t expect them to

  8. Ben I thank the good Lord for my first bear market & look forward to learning from you & the team!

  9. Garrett is the only guy on this panel that knows anything! Final say anything just to keep his channel alive. And the other two dip s…. don’t know one thing about investing

  10. Take a look at the monthly 50EMA. It’s more than clear next support is at around $25k for now.

    1. These are unprecedented times. Anything can happen. Depends on how bad the economy gets. 18 percent mortgages etc etc

    2. @Comuree Dominion yea but remember alot of wallets have eth locked up until eth 2.0 rolls out so maybe the price might hold up over 2k who knows 🤷🏽‍♂️

    1. Thankyou. He’s ALWAYS wrong but people will still thank him. For what I wonder? How much money can people lose before they get p!$$ed?

    2. Then why do the people on this comment watch the show? It’s baffling. 1000’s of show on YouTube and you watch one that “gets it wrong all the time.”

    3. Wrong, they’ve had Richard Heart on multiple times and it’s painful how right he his, people dislike him because he’ll tell it like it is.

    4. @David Dakota Rogers I do not watch it all the time now. I just wanted to see what he is saying now after this big crash.

  11. This is my second bear market and what I learned from the first one was to just hodl for at least 2 years. You will see massive gains ignoring the current state of the market

  12. Been really enjoying the content you guys have been putting out recently. Thank you for all you do guys!

  13. Great show! I got into crypto in the May 2021 Top so essentially this will be my first Bear Market. I have watched every YouTube influencer in the Crypto space. But will say this channel has been my compass! I am thankful for your hard work as it saves me time everyday when I can just tune in!

  14. If BitBoy calls for a bear market, then surely it’ll be a brutal bull run. Remember, whatever BB calls, the opposite happens 👍

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