#1 Way To Crush It In Crypto in a BEAR MARKET

The markets are down HARD right now. The Bitcoin “experts” are all saying different things about where Bitcoin will go next. But who do you listen to, and what do you do with crypto in a bear market?

This is the killer way to make in crypto and Bitcoin during a bear market. Ben has been in the bear market before and will explain his crypto strategy right now. Find out how you can still make during this !

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#1 Way To Crush It In Crypto in a BEAR MARKET

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  1. Awesome video – super cool to see you going back to your roots on crypto. I’m lucky enough to have a little bit of $ because I sold something so I just set up a bi-weekly buy into 10 core positions of $50 ea./bi-weekly over the next year. This is another lifetime opportunity to DCA in over the next year and just ACCUMULATE ACCUMULATE ACCUMULATE. The Daily price DOES NOT MATTER. Set a goal to have more BTC next month than you do this month and do that every month – FOREVER – FULL STOP. -Thomas

    1. Agreed 100% – at this point price doesn’t matter / the game is own as much BTC as you can until you get one whole coin- then when/if BTC hits 1M – potentially by 2030 ! You are looking good. — this is in addition to my additional blue chips & other mid size high potential alts !

  2. This was a great video with experienced advice; thanks Ben. I am putting $100 a week, maybe $200 if the prices are extra juicy.

    1. Dude, you’re better off putting that money into a cash reserve & waiting to buy a lot when the price is near bottom AND when the economy starts to look better, like in months from now.

    2. Yh, I would look for areas of imbalances for buying opportunities. Imbalances are prices that needs to fill

    3. @Mohammed kadiri can you expand on that? like what do you mean by imbalance/how would you spot one?

  3. Qardven token and amazon signed a partnership. It will blow up once it hits mainstream.

  4. I’ve been buying $25/day since the beginning of the year and only buy crypto from my list that is atleast 50% down from their all time highs. I prefer 70% from its all time high but at the moment I’ve only been buying LINK, MATIC, ADA. once I get to the amount I want to accumulate for each of those 3 I’ll most likely start to accumulate HBAR, RUNE, GALA

    1. Time in the market beats timing the market, every time. Start DCAing small now, increase as you reach your Target prices.

    2. nobody can time the bottom. statistically, start DCA in now is better than trying to time the bottom.

    3. Do not worry!

      It already has.
      Bigger question … are we in full capitulation? Are at at the bear market bottom? I think $29.5K USD could be that bottom, if only for a few minutes.
      Bought a bit earlier today. The not so great “reset” is upon us all.
      BTC, FTW!!!

  5. I’ve been stocking up on several coins. Ape, enjin, filecoin, polygon, several others. Bear market has gifted me low average costs.

    1. Same here. Been buying up Cardano, polygon, Tron. Algo. A little CKB…. Im down alot of money right now but keep buying. This bear market is only temporary and I see this as a massive sale to stock up. Just have to be able to stomach the volatility but then again that’s half the fun!

  6. Putting our time and effort in activities and investment that will yield a profitable return in the future is what we should be aiming for. Success depends on the action or steps you take to achieve it.

  7. Last month I got my step dad to start DCA. He puts in $200 a week. He wanted start last year but I told him to wait till its a bear market. I told him to keep doing it for a few years to see the prices go up.

  8. great video Ben. I probably started it a little to soon but 2 weeks ago seeing the drop I started DCA $50 a week

  9. Bit boy, I’ve learned a lot from you over the years I’ve watched you, so glad I got to shake your hand at a meet up in ATL, I’ve been buying $6 BTC a day and extra when I can weekly for the last few months. Looking forward to continuing these life changing gains. People just have to set an attainable goal, and stick with it!

  10. My mother passed away in September and hearing you bring awareness to that reality on mother’s day meant a lot.

    1. I don’t know where you are in the world but i’m sending you good vibes from the UK bro.

    2. Really thoughtful and special start to a financially based video. Much love to you Bitboy and all this appeals to

  11. Thanks for sharing your experience, Ben. It’s helpful to hear of your experiences in past cycles. Ben Cowen has also recently shared his past experiences. It’s encouraging, even if some of us newbies are repeating some of the past “mistakes” you’ve expressed, because we see the way to the horizon.

  12. Thank you again Ben for your hard work your analysis and your consistency in this dynamic crypto world.
    I’ll take your advice and DCA once I feel that bitcoin is closer to $20,000.
    The rest of my portfolio since purchasing near the highs in 2020 down 60% as I thought we were going to see a blow off top late in 2021, which never came, so I’m stuck with 2020 and 2021 prices so I will just HODL until I can get original investment back, then going to streamline my 25 alts (all top 50) to BTC, ETH , ADA, XRP, UNI, MATIC, MANA, SAND and LINK.
    There are several other great projects I hesitate to drop, although as you stated, If I am spread out too thin among too many alts that YES I have a better chance of hitting those good licks, but the downside is that my dollar investment is much lower, resulting in much lower gain.
    So larger Capitol alts in a smaller portfolio is my way to go as soon as I can capitulate with original investment or minor gain-then readjust my portfolio to match my growing knowledge in this crypto game.
    Best of luck (created with knowledge!) to you and everyone else whom have the courage , foresight and fortitude (Juevos) to invest our hard earned money into this new and exciting technology!

  13. I have a side hustle that pays for my crypto investments and a full time job that pays for my bills. I don’t borrow money for investing in crypto so i don’t have to worry if the market goes up or down. I love watching your predictions because i visualize how much wealth i can have in the future if your prediction is right and it brings optimism to me. I’m aware that prediction doesn’t always comes true and i have no issues with that because i don’t owe any money to anyone. I am a HODLER and predictions inspire me to invest for my future.

  14. “The individual investor should act consistently as an investor and not as a speculator.”

  15. Awesome video, i am also calling for this low at around $30k – so are many others. I guess none of us actually know, however all the indicators are pointing to a turn in the market soon again. So at these levels i will continue to accumulate more and even out the average on my portfolio at these lows! I must say i am so excited to be in this space with you and the crypto community!!! Adoption is coming in more and more. Peace and love <3

    1. Crypto fear and greed index are it’s lowest point extreme fear at 11. Definitely should be buying, not selling.

    2. @Adrian Agreed, buy buy buy when times of greed. it does seem like the best buying opportunity in our current times. Feels like the markets are going to have a massive explosion. Feels like the FED have lost their control unless its a planned event, which we all know they already do…

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