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  1. Honestly a bit sown on this. Will prices actually bottom out? I heard nonstop about this but I feel we will rebound any day. Just down overall about everything

  2. The ones that wins out will be focused on rewarding the projects rather than the Nodes per se. Any and all should be focused on that so that projects adopt a certain layer 1 or layer 2. That will reward the wants of the stakers and validators.

  3. Excellent point. Which is why I think polygon (Disney and Starbucks experiments) and solana (new phone incoming) are breaking into the real world use first.. be nice to see musk make doge coin useful for something too lol ..

  4. Theta Network already have an NFT being used in the real world like American idol and Philippines idol NFT, Resort Las Vegas Ticketing, The Price is Right, Katy Perry, Sony Spatial Reality display, Theta collaborates with Samsung for forthcoming Galaxy NFT new devices and soon One Championship Mma and 6 patents plus coming

  5. This channel is so underrated and those people who just hyped up stuff are all gone now but the good sources of information such as your channel should be better projected. I share it all the time

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