2022 TRON launches cloud mining platform rainetrx.com

Below the video:
Professional mining integrity business, the only authorities site:
White Paper:
Google Play: RaineTRX
Authorities Telegram custoner service:
Authorities Telegram Channel:
There are 3 methods to earn money on the platform
1. Top up the fundamental account and perform cloud mining, and you can make and withdraw cash every day. You require to actively withdraw your earnings every day. This is permanent and stable income.
Registration Bonus Offer: 800TRX
Accumulated deposit of 5TRX to 30000TRX can withdraw 2.80% every day
Collected deposit 30001TRX to 200000TRX, withdraw 3.60% every day
Collected deposit of 200001TRX to 500000TRX, 4.70% can be withdrawn every day
Accumulated deposit of 500001TRX to 800000TRX, 5.90% can be withdrawn every day
Cumulative investment of 800001TRX to 1200000TRX, 6.80% can be withdrawn every day
Cumulative financial investment of 1200001TRX to 1800000TRX, 7.90% can be withdrawn every day
Cumulative investment of 1800001TRX to 999999999TRX, 10% can be withdrawn daily
2. Routine financial investment, in regular financial investment, you can choose a financial investment duration that matches you, and projects with various periods will generate different returns
3. Promotional income Develop a team, even if you do not have any financial investment, you can still make earnings if your staff member .
Promo income is to share your invitation link with friends and forward it to YouTube, TikTok, Twitter.Telegram, Facebook, Instagram and other social media, and make promo income through their registration and recharge. The more users you invite to recharge, the more earnings you will get. the more. Advertising earnings can be withdrawn as a one-time commission or continue to be transferred to the standard account for cloud mining. Delight in up to 18% Tier 3 deposit ratio
10% of A-level subordinates
5% of B-level subordinates
C-level subordinates 3%.
You invite A to sign up and deposit, A is your first-level subordinate.
An invites B to sign up and deposit, B is your secondary subordinate.
B invites C to sign up and deposit, C is your third-level subordinate.
The more invitations to promote users, the more income.

2022 TRON launches cloud mining platform rainetrx.com

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