$23 BILLION Crypto LOST In Past 24 hours!! (Instagram Update Hosts NFTS)

Today we will be discussing the markets losing roughly $23B worth of value in the past 24hrs and what that means for the markets going forward. Next, we'll look at KuCoin's fundraising of $150M, giving the company a $10B valuation. Lastly, we'll talk about Meta launching its trail NFT display feature for select Instagram users.

Around the is your favorite show discussing , Ethereum, Cardano, and the top altcoins. Our four crypto experts include MacNCheeasy, Joe Parys, Rice TVx, & Ben Armstrong. Tune in for their insightful !

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Joe Parys:



Intro music by Gregario Franco. Song – Nacht

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$23 BILLION Crypto LOST In Past 24 hours!! (Instagram Update Hosts NFTS)

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    1. @morrissey guy what do you mean imagine I did sell all my hex. I never married a coin I am going for .10 to buy again

    2. @Independant Crypto neither do I brother. but guys who sell their hex just made my TSHARE count go higher when I close my stake in 2024 lmao

  1. Hit 120k today. Thank you for all the knowledge and nuggets you had thrown my way over the last months. Started with 14k in January 2021.

  2. I always see it ❗ Dotmoovs coins seem to be interesting, but what about? I am disappointed in the world today. .. I believe that sports will change everyone and change the world! May the world be peaceful, from football to a place where all sports fans from other sports gather! ..

  3. Maybe we should talk about something else then a bear market, im getting sick of hearing about it. I know you want to be right Ben but if you’re so right then you can afford to take a break from the topic.

    1. You should be more excited now in this bear market than ever. Accumulate, keep your eyes and ears peeled for big future plays, and wait for the next bull run. Golden opportunity on a silver platter right now.

  4. (1/9)
    Challenging times, to say the least. First and foremost, thank you for sharing
    your time selflessly with the crypto community for little monetary value.

    Your devotion is applauded, especially through these rough patches 👏 I don’t agree with everything you share, but I believe that each of you are coming from a good place. 🙏

    Secondly, never forget the situation that many of your subscribers are in, including myself, who came in last year or this year and are underwater.

    Many of you came upon crypto in early 2020, or earlier, and therefore are in profit by a 100% or more.

    Your calm, cool, collective demeanor is appreciated in most instances, but there are times where being transparent on the dismal situation would be more relatable.

    Your subscribers are thinking how can he/she be so calm while I’m panicking.

    Many of you at one time, we’re in those same shoes questioning what you were doing as the losses increased.

    Showing empathy, relating and sharing your early experiences will go a long way in providing reassurance that things will eventually turn around.

    Thanks for all you do! 👍🙏

  5. An intentional attack or not, a crypto foundation should be able to have a contingency in these types of events. Especially when it comes to holding peg. Ridiculous

  6. Instagram, a Lifelog… I mean Facebook subsidiary, promoting linking a unique crypto identifier that will forever exist on blockchain to your public identity in their database. What could go wrong? Oh well, loss of data privacy must be worth the exchange in clout…

    PS. I think there is a strong future for underlying NFT tech, just not at this stage and not when exploited like this.

  7. Gold and silver is looking a lot better at the moment huh guys? yep. dont put all your eggs in one basket, Crypto is a road, not a destination.

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