$300 Billion Bitcoin & Crypto Market? + Coinbase NFT Beta Flop

Today we will be discussing WisdomTree bring passive investing to the blockchain. Next we'll look at Coinbase NFT marketplace and the lackluster performance since launch, finally we'll talk about DeFi Kingdoms and the exploit that has resulted in over a 90% loss of the JEWEL token's value.

Around the Blockchain is your favorite Cryptocurrency show discussing Bitcoin, Ethereum, , and the . Our four experts include Factor, Crypto Crow, Crypto Stache, & Johnny Hopper. Tune in for their insightful crypto analysis!

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$300 Billion Bitcoin & Crypto Market? + Coinbase NFT Beta Flop

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  1. What Stache just said, want to get in,but there’s a lot to learn. I’ve lost 4k because I did something wrong during staking. THERE’S NO CUSTOMER SERVICE TO HELP FIX MY MISTAKE.

    1. Exactly now you know not to do that again huh?

      If only you thought to test it first understand common sense. That you don’t know what you are doing so do it small first and learn.

      We pay to learn from our mistakes in crypto absolutely. I have lost more than I wanted for sure. But not much.

      I saw a staking bs post on reddit and like a moron I thought ill try that. Everyone bangs on about staking so ill stake some of my shiba inu I brought last June.

      I ended up losing 8 million shib tokens to fees bcos I sent the shib from exchange to hotBit who said 0 fee to deposit. If only they told us its double fee to withdraw though. So that was 4m tokens snatched. But I think I stupidly sent it back to the exchange. Then I decided I should send it to a cold wallet actually so paid more fee lost more shib. I had 28m when I started only £160 worth.

      But when I got my shib into my wallet and lost more shib plus some eth £35-50 fee snatched from my etherium i didn’t know would happen.

      So now im thinking I’ve lost 8m shib tokens only have 20m left plus they dipped my Eth.

      I learned then. Do not touch it leave it alone.

      So I did then October rolled around and shib went boom. 12.6x maximum total run 1260% gains over October.

      I wanted to sell my shib at the top I knew I had to sell it before it crash. Then I saw the new 160T tokens added on the 28th oct and I just knew then thats it game over SELL.

      I got away with 11x 1100% up. Which paid off my whole wallet I only had £1000 total. Which went to £2.300 ish i took half out.

      Then my £1.150 I kept in my wallet bled out is still bleeding out. £400 now mayb less since I’ve been topping it up.

      I’m just glad I won in October so I can kinda just try to forget that wallet now. I dont want to cash any until its atlesst back upto £1000 but doesn’t look like that will happen for a long time might not happen.

      Even the good coins are crashing. Fantom is down more than anything else I have today. 13% down. I got that at ATH ish lol. In December.

      I thought ide try out uniswap around August ish last year I had no idea that snatches your eth aswel and it takes as much as it can.

      If only I googled this stuff first lol. I didnt I put my money up first then googled it.

      Like hotbit when I realised my passive income was one cent a day I took it back out and paid £40 mayb well over 400 days of that passive to cover that alone.

      But if I googled them I would have seen how they sell customers tokens hoping they crash then hotbit buys the tokens back at lower price and the customer has no idea. But they got into trouble when those tokens went higher and higher and customers tried to withdraw. They couldn’t. HotBit got fined.

      If I saw that ide have never gone near it.

      We are not dumb but money talks and bs walks lol. Greed takes over I can win. When really its set against you.

      Just buy and hold is the only safe way. Which is hella risky still.

      But we’ve paid our school fees lol we know better now.

      Atleast we didn’t send Elon our bitcoin thinking he will send us double bsck lol.

      Cos many others did do that. Inc a British school teacher £8.000 she sent and that was it scammed. Imagine how she feels lol.

      Binance has customer service though I think.

      Coinbase doesn’t. We need regulations we need fiat to keep crashing more and more.

      USA has printed 40% of total supply of US $ in just the last two years.

      How that hasn’t affected the value of the dollar is crazy. So they are manipulating it just like they did the housing crash 2008.

      The long Short.

      Watch that movie or hopefully you have. So we can guess those banks are doing that same thing with the value of the $ but sooner or later it will swan dive.

      Just like £€¥ and others already are crashing at their lowest value in 2yrs now. Yet that was covid.

      All the protections they used to prop up the currency can’t hold it up for much longer.

      So let’s see. Will people pump crypto soon or keep propping up the us $.

      Its a mad gamble. I’m betting on cryoto since its already on its knees and I got mine out in October so may aswel ride it out now.

    1. Depends if the buyout with Elon musk goes through. He promises to buy each share for 54.20. If the deal falls through and someone backs out, it will tank the stock to 52 week lows.

  2. Great show. I think the crypto retail investors left rt now are absolutely smarter. They also educate the new people they orange pill so they don’t fomo in amd fud out either. Good times for those of us still in it

  3. Like the content but man you need to work on the bandwidth for the video streaming of the guests. Not sure who’s end it’s on, I assume theirs but it’s definitely fixable.

  4. also i think gala games mirandus game is gonna be revolutionary def a good look into devs have what id say is undervalued and deserve more recognition for what they are trying to do and doing very good so far

  5. OVR will rule the AR/VR metaverse. Monero the best crypto-currency and Ethereum best dapp platform with Link skyrocketing. If you wanna a 100x ticket to the moon choose Ojamu. Remember the comment

  6. Wow Crypto Crow can tell the future.
    Not that I don’t believe him but lets see a statistical analysis of all his calls (correct and wrong) first… lol

  7. Stop promoting stepn, its crap bro. Sweatcoin is way better and anyone can do it, no activation code. Only thing is the coin isn’t released to the market yet but you can still be earning the coin and when the coin goes onto the public market you can cash out

  8. Hey all, whatever happened to Jebb and blockchain boy? I loved listening to their point of view. We need to get them back on! 🙏 Not that I don’t like everyone else, it’s just nice to get different points view.

  9. Everything that you’ve done for me, is more than enough, you keeps getting me more money in crypto service

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