$44 Billion Buy Changes Twitter Forever (Best for Bitcoin, Ethereum or Dogecoin?)

In this video, we will discuss the price of Bitcoin, , and top altcoin. We'll look at the markets and the latest .

Victoria VR Contest –

Topics We Discuss:
6:05 Market Watch
18:25 BTC/ Charts
25:40 Twitter Takeover
39:08 Fidelity's BTC 401k
42:56 BAYC Hack
46:30 Superbowl Failure
52:25 Lobbying
58:17 Meta Store
1:01:45 XRP Battle
1:09:23 Quick Hits/Q&A

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$44 Billion Buy Changes Twitter Forever (Best for Bitcoin, Ethereum or Dogecoin?)

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  1. I never really put much thought into it, but the fact the Ben is standing for the show does create a type of phycological effect and makes me that much more engaged.

  2. Im so used to the volitility. iv’e been in crypto for over a year now it feels like yesterday I bought my first satoshi.

  3. Hey Bitboy and Team! First off you guys are awesome! Long time listener, first time commenter. Regarding the video length time frame, I do think 1.25 hours a day is too long for at least me to keep up with everyday. I get you guys are covering lots of important information, and trust me when I have the opportunity I watch every second. But I simply can’t keep up with these videos daily, any way you guys could change the format of the EOD wrap up videos to do a recap the 11:30AM videos? Idk just a thought. Regardless keep it up! I’m up 50k since I started watching you guys. (I have never received financial advice from you of course).

  4. I’m in California and we have so many abandoned usable factory’s , great weather , we are in the perfect area to mine Bitcoin. Now to have to convince king Newsom

  5. I love the show, i pick what i want from it, your opinions idont always agree with,the word “soccer” nope football , but its entertaining happily watch and listen to you lot 3hours…its all good better than TOWIE

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