$5 Trillion Metaverse Imminent (Must Act NOW)

In this episode of Good Morning Metaverse, Justin and Bryan discuss why Metaverse spending is set to total $5 trillion in 2030, why Arizona State University is filing for Metaverse Patents, and what to expect at the NFT.NYC event next week!

Every week we bring you the hottest Metaverse to keep you informed on how the space is developing. Drop a comment below with your favorite Metaverse project and maybe we'll cover it in a future video!

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What We Discuss:
0:00 Intro
0:36 Metaverse Spending to $5 Trillion
1:31 ASU Files for Metaverse Patents
2:35 NFT.NYC Kickoff
3:10 Outro

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$5 Trillion Metaverse Imminent (Must Act NOW)

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  1. 5 trillion ? We’ve been in the metaverse , FB , Twitter, any PC/ console game , meta has same issue as play to earn , you can’t just keep making your coin or nft for free to give to people as rewards , for them to turn around and sell. whether nfts or not. It’s just dilution and a major flaw for all these type projects as well as staking and proof of stake. All trash.

  2. You keep trying to shill meta money but it just makes me not want to watch their videos more and more

    1. Seems like an extreme view. I don’t believe they gave us advice they didn’t take themselves. Most people I saw posting YouTube videos all had the same price projections and expectations as well. I don’t think they have any bad karma coming, I’m willing to bet they do more for their local community then majority of us do.

    2. DCA is all I’m gonna say. It’s easy. And long term mind set. Don’t try surviving week by week here in crypto markets. Go home and just don’t invest if that’s your mind set.

    3. @jeffrey blichfeldt these guys will promote any project that will pay them don’t kid yourself

    4. Yeah …..no more money on crypto 😎 hahahha… now,,,they try to make people poor with their NFT ..And metaverse…unspeakable channel promoter….

    1. @Tony Rappa i agree but sadly they wont, they will peddle this trash until they die

    2. @Tony Rappa please tell me what they tried to talk you into buying baby tony😢 those big bad bullies with all their information! Shame on them for enlightening people

  3. Is the word still sandbox and decentrland to be stacking for meta? Or would you recommend something different?

  4. The Titanic is *sinking* …. oh… by the way…. BUY Metaverse! How’s the BitBoy *lawsuit* coming along against Celsius?

  5. They get paid to promote certain projects it’s all good there’s a thing called karma they’re just too stupid understand that

  6. Metaverse will go first to zero imminent, than we will see what happening after that.
    Please stop selling hopeium to inexperienced crypto newbies only for adscence money.

  7. do they realize that ‘the metaverse’ is just a program or application and there will be so many metaverses? stop calling it ‘the’ metaverse cuz there will be so many metaverses (its like games)

  8. Everybody should of got behind Elon Musk and backed Dogecoin instead of being stubborn to stay driving the model-t. Too many cryptos, nfts, money too spread out.

  9. So much hype on this metaverse. It’s not really inviting though as you have to have a VR 😒 I’d rather buy PS5 or an Xbox than a VR

  10. So much hype on this metaverse. It’s not really inviting though as you have to have a VR 😒 I’d rather buy PS5 or an Xbox than a VR

  11. Hey ben!! Let me just say that your job is amazing and I follow you with such admiration… Could you do an update video of how to save your coins, different types of wallets and which ones you use in your main coins? It’s something that I really would like to know more… Thanks and keep the good work💪💪

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