8 Years Since BITCOIN Did THIS (Lengthening CYCLES DEAD!!!)

In this video, we will discuss the price of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the top . We'll take a look at the cryptocurrency markets and the latest crypto news.

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8 Years Since BITCOIN Did THIS (Lengthening CYCLES DEAD!!!)

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  1. A lot of people are still holding their bags b/c of you my brother. People are going to be a little salty.

  2. And I saved the money that I put into ETH this past year by swapping it for USDC yesterday morning before this big drop. Now, I can buy the dips and dollar cost average back in! Plan, as always- buy more Bitcoin! One day soon, not too far off, it will hit $500,000 at a minimum.

  3. Love love love your blockchain back shoutout! Respect due, great job calling the timing of the top.

    1. Dude shilled rug pulls to his fans in the bull run…. Go watch coffezillas video on him

  4. I learned about the 4y cycle from this channel. We know Ben! The real fans know.

  5. So you screamed beware of recession for months saying it could effect crypto and now it means nothing? 😂😂😂 Now it doesn’t effect the price of bitcoin at all? Most inconsistent crypto news platform ever

  6. i lost big money listening to this guy in November, saying to me BTC was going to 100k or 120k, like really dude? you sit here yelling at some people who are mentioning your failed calls? Calling people idiots? wow, real nice. Luckily I found other channels that actually said it was going to sink, and luckily i didn’t lose as much as expected.

    1. You only lose if you sell at a loss… u can DCA for the next few years. Anyone “predicting” is guessing. Take information however you’d like

  7. id love to hear your input on the cronos blockchain that includes mmfinance, techtonic, and vvsfinance.

  8. That’s how crypto goes man. No one knows what they are talking about, no one. That a slight idea but their all guessing

  9. You taught me so much including the halving and so on and I’m eternally grateful. As I mentioned before, wish you explained what you actually meant by taking profits but that’s okay. I don’t hate you guys and I will make money in the next bull market but at 63 and using a large part of my pension ( which I couldn’t afford NOT to do it), time is of the essence. Ie earn a bit for now and have some to reinvest for the next up turn.

  10. ADA gang here giving shout out to Ben!!! Thanks for sticking with your channel during the dip bro. April showers bring May flowers….. Change to, Cycle showers bring diamond Flowers. ✌️

  11. Bit boy, just ignore those idiots! I appreciate everything you do. I’ve learned soo much from you (your channel).

  12. Might start using twitter, we carry on there. When you push what you got right, it’s only correct for someone to explain the very very important bit you got wrong

  13. You always say it as it is 😜, love it 👍. always listening from the uk.
    Thanks guys.

  14. Good afternoon, I am enjoying watching your show, and keeping the knowledge You share with us here. Please do not confront others in comments on your show, it takes away from your good reputation. When people see you are mad, they will continue to insult you publicly. Now that Crypto is slow, please share more of your time educating Us with free tools we can use during our Crypto trading. Thank you and your Team!

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