$80,000 ETH??

In this video, Ben discusses price predictions based on how will interact with Bitcoin within the next decade. What do you think the price of will be in the next 10 years?

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$80,000 ??

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    1. @Ali Dosti It’s definitely going to 700-800 in 2022, however if you don’t think that Ethereum isn’t reaching at minimum 10K in the next bull run in 2025, then you’re buggin. There’s no way it doesn’t 10x in 5 years and so on

  1. So the market has a few good days and bitboy sees an opportunity to hype up eth during this dead-cat bounce so that he can unload his holdings at a higher price and try to buy back in at a lower price during the depths of the crash lol. Not saying eth can or can’t reach those kind of numbers EVENTUALLY… it’s just pointless to speculate that far ahead while pumping hopium during a bounce unless you have other motives.

  2. Ben whatever you’re smoking I want some. But ETH won’t go that high. Most of us hate lock up staking and gas fees and adding more shitcoins just move ETH around. 😒

  3. Yeah…I have been hearing this moon boy nonsense for a while now. I like crypto but this market is so volatile, price predictions are futile.

    1. Thats because its 1T market, wait 10 years until its 10T market and it won’t be that volatile. You can see that to 2x your investment over time takes longer time. The same will be in bear markets when the market reaches that point. We are still at early adoption phase.

  4. I remember last year hearing eth was gonna hit anywhere between 10k and 40k LAST year. Never hit FIVE. Just stop it….

  5. I predict the price of eth to be,, 14-17 quadrazilllion dollars or more in the next 10 years, based on current market cap short squeeze info data

  6. Everyone has got to remember we are in the very early stages of adoption so in 10-20 yrs you will be glad you bought at these prices

  7. ETH is about $1k right now, which is down a lot from its high in the $4k range. It is ridiculous, and foolish to be talking about an $80k ETH. What is the point? That’s a serious question. 🤷‍♂️

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