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Cardano has a brand brand-new world of projects coming online, all with quite low market caps. There is a lot of risk in the crypto area, but there is a great deal of opportunity too. I also had a chance to catch up with two of the co-founders of Cornucopias and hear more about their vision. It's a pretty exciting metaverse world building on Cardano.

Cornucopias teaser -.
Cornucopias roadmap and whitepaper -.
Cornucopias Twitter -.

Intro 00:00.
Cardano altcoin markets are here 1:30.
Early phase ADA vs ETH environment jobs 2:30.
Thoughts on metaverse 8:55.
Cornucopias 11:00.
Structure in a metaverse 12:15.
Cornucopias group and community 14:50.

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  1. This was NOT a sponsored video. I am excited about this project and wanted to cover it. Thanks for watching!

    Intro 00:00
    Cardano altcoin markets are here 1:30
    Early stage ADA vs ETH ecosystem projects 2:30
    Thoughts on metaverse 8:55
    Cornucopias Cardano metaverse 11:00
    Building in a metaverse 12:15
    Cornucopias team and community 14:50
    COPI coin 16:45

    1. You should look also the early NFTs of CORNUCOPIAS, The Bubble Jet, Javelins and the OG Bubble jet 😉 they will all have use case inside the CORNUCOPIAS METAVERSE 🚀🚀🚀

  2. Hi Dan, it would be great if you can go in more details into some of the more popular /good projects in the cardano blockchain.

    Most of us are already invested in cardano and will be holding during these down times.

    But it would be great to learn more about various projects in depth.

    1. He did! Cornucopias is what you’re looking for mate. This project is an actual business, 27 employees roughly. The game is already made just not public yet.

    2. What are you talking about?! Thats “the thing!” You wont find anything half that good as Cornucopias. For start the graphics build on UE5 is mindblowing. Go with the time ahead, the pixels game are over

  3. Love Cornucopias, but don’t forget about Cardania as well! Great metaverse project and super cool community.

  4. A bonus with Cornucopias is that they will also have a 2D mobile game that will be intercomnected with their upcoming metaverse/3d game. Whole africa is going to play this game, might be life changing game for so many people🎉

  5. The crypto market seems unfavorable at the moment, I’ve been holding some crypto for a while now and I’m getting really impatient, is there any other way i could earn from this market?

    1. Patience is key in this market. You should be staking your crypto if you plan on holding long-term to earn passive income

    2. @Randall Peruzzi No regrets, Ares the best and I would also assure anybody seeing this to check him out.

  6. Love your content Dan. When I watch your content and look at the current market, one word comes to mind, Opportunity! All I am saying is accumulation. Looking forward to 2032.

  7. I was very depressed a few years ago and played worlds of war craft to ease my depression. it was two fold, it was very beneficial but had me outside of my own being. That being said I don’t think it was bad. I think it had more benefits than negative side effects. WoW was the metaverse before the metaverse was cool. So maybe don’t discredit it so much, it can be very helpful for some people

  8. I took a look at the Cornucopias whitepaper and the excitement is real about this project.

    Thanks for that!

  9. I’m really glad that you brought up the downside of the metaverse. I’ve been thinking about that too, a lot of people will likely use it as an escape from reality and/or as an infinite source of dopamine. Like Jordan Peterson said at the Bitcoin conference, it’s foolish to assume that something so powerful will only bring about good things.

  10. I love me some Cornucopias 🌽🌽🌽🚀You build it they will come lol. I also enjoy your channel Crypto Capital Venture glad to see them in the same video. I’m a defi guy never thought I would get into NFT’s/metaverse/P2E was just researching and came across Cornucopias and fell in love. If you want to get your feet wet with NFT’s Cornucopias is a safe solid start for your Journey.

  11. Hey Dan! Thanks so much for the video. I agree 100% that there are some possible negative outcomes from what happens with the metaverse. That said, I’m excited by the vision of Cornucopias and think it’s a really bright spark in the space! Thanks for the coverage of my favourite metaverse project 😉

  12. Been following Cornucopias for a while and own their NFT BJ and Javs…lots of utility planned for these NFTs on top in-game use… excited for their upcoming land sale as well.

  13. Hey There Dan👋 thanks for making another cardano altcoin video, really like these because investing in Ada is looking ahead, but investing in these altcoins is looking way way ahead, even just hearing about them is good to help us zoom out mentally.

    Currently trying to find an NFT platform for my art and want to use one on cardano, if you spot anything that’s similar to Superrare, curated fine art platform, would you consider sharing it with us or making a video? Looking at love.Ada art and CNft, they’re not looking that great in my opinion but it’s best to have a few different platforms that offer curated/non curated marketplaces so each have their value in some way I guess.

    Cheers, have a great day everyone

  14. Hey Dan,

    I really enjoy all the videos you make and I learn a lot from the content. My appreciation increases every time when you spend small moment on more important things in live, like mental health in this video.
    Mental health is indeed something we should be concerned about more, especially with the rise of the metaverse. It would be great if everyone realizes that mental health is at least as important as physical health!

    Take care everyone!

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