AJ’s Ethereum Price Prediction for the Next Bull Run #crypto

AJ anticipates that could reach 13.3 k to 19.1 k at the top of the next bull run. What do you believe?

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AJ's for the Next Bull Run #crypto

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    1. I wouldn’t be surprised ETH is definitely a security.
      Also their product is still in development. Imo smart contracts will never come in fruition.
      There’s too many variables in the real world.
      This is something that can probably only work in fixed virtual worlds like Runescape or World of Warcraft.

    2. Let’s hope so…they are among the biggest violators in this space…they’ve gotten a free pass too long.

  1. Lmao. Eth won’t make it through the next run. Have fun with the unregistered security your buying.

    1. @Johnny Watchman Ethereum is slow, congested and expensive AF…..doesn’t sound like the future of finance.

  2. WTF is a prediction? Why are you quantifying a currency by “price”? I just wonder why so long after the merge, the Eth exchange rate hasn’t skyrocketed and brought $hitcoin up with it. That is an accurate valuation but I expect it could flip $hitcoin in both value and “marketcap” if the burn rate goes crazy the more it pumps

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