Anyone Can Invest!

In this video, Ben explains how anyone can in with decentralized ! No accreditation process is needed. This is why common people can make exponential gains through learning market behavior and in safely.

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All of our videos are strictly personal opinions. Please make sure to do your own research. Never take one person's opinion for financial guidance. There are multiple strategies and not all strategies fit all people. Our videos ARE NOT financial advice.

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Anyone Can !

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  1. I agree. Thing is he has not been able to see the top on the last two cycles in his own admission. He should at least own up when he’s been conned and we know he was conned because he’s admitted he took his eyes off the prize because of his guy. Would have respect for him if he owned his mistake

    1. I think if you looking to YouTube for answers you in the wrong place, news is a passed tense thing. And I feel like they did call the top, but there was a double top, that no one could have guessed(sept-nov) Was a really good time to take profits on the way up.

    2. @Jeramy Montelius no my friend,you are completely wrong and here’s why. Top came and went and bit boy was still talking about 100k, all the way until February. After the top the bear market comes, bit boy was still prevaricating about selling if it goes below 40k.

  2. This short tik tok clips are for kids and tells us what we already know. Need intelligent and informative guests on the show not just your side kick PJ with his own take all the time. Sorry to say but crypto banter is becoming a much more reliable source of up to date info we need and Ran being an ex trader helps us to understand and break things down

  3. We need videos to warn new people about Ben. No credibility. How he insults and calls people Bit%H like blockchain boy when they were right about XRP case not ending in September and that 4 dollar XRP at the end of September was crazy. Ben was put in his place and he had a tantrum on his show. Lets also not forget when Gizmo called him out on his green dots. Ben started having a tantrum on the show again because instead of the market taking off it crashed.

  4. Ich werde Ihnen für immer zu Dank verpflichtet sein 😇 Ich konnte während der Covid-19-Pandemie eine große Einnahmequelle aufbauen, indem ich mit Frau Marie Coraggio investierte. Du hast mein ganzes Leben verändert, vielen Dank.

    1. Sie investieren auch mit Frau Marie Coraggio? Wow, diese Frau war ein Segen für mich und meine Familie.

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