BANKRUPTCY BOMBSHELL (Why Dozens Of CRYPTO Exchanges Are Dissolving) | BitBoy Crypto

In your nightly wrap-up, we bring you the top stories. Jim Cramer says there’s no real value in crypto. The bear market continues to take players off the table and is it possible for Cardano to blast off by September?

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What We Discuss:
0:00 Intro
0:16 Cramer Clip
0:58 Cramer vs. Crypto
2:08 Market Watch with Frankie Candles
3:14 R.I.P. Crypto Exchanges
4:42 Cardano's Good News

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BANKRUPTCY BOMBSHELL (Why Dozens Of CRYPTO Exchanges Are Dissolving) | Crypto

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    1. @Juan Manzana help me find a place where I can buy food or property with a crypto currency’s please

    2. Well when all fiat disappears when the CBDC’s have been installed in every country then those that want to trade outside this system could end up using btc or pirate or whatever.

    3. @Louise Coats sounds like big IF to me. You said WHEN meaning that Fiat is disappearing is a sure thing. Plus is not CDBC Fiat but digitalised?

    4. @Juan Manzana and given how difficult it will be to sell it for a currency widely accepted…this looks less and less likely by tge day.

  1. Jim Cramer once said “Bear Stearns is fine”.. A few days later it was down 99%.. Always do the opposite of what Cramer says..

  2. Woah, did I just graduate into becoming an BitBoy Crypto OG!? I like the sound of that. 😂

  3. Love yalls show, all the hard work comes shinning through.
    💪💥 🚀

    1. @BitBoy Crypto omg thanks for acknowledging me. Well I’ve got your attention what is your thoughts on the nexo platform built on cardano as in comparison say to the Celsius, and the rest of the platforms going bankrupt? Now I love nexo and use it all the time, but I am a Crypto rookie even at 53.

  4. Crypto “banking” firms are going bankrupt because they made uncollateralized loans (including to entities called “crypto hedge funds”) in order to maximize return and also customer interest. But they also maximized customer risk. We could have used a Michael Burry to warn us how risky it all was.

  5. Many exchanges have gone under and that is alarming. Here is my question. What about crypto IRA’s like I trust capital, or Kingdom Choice, or Bitcoin IRA? People have their retirement income there.

  6. Sir I’m scared to check on any of my portfolio lately!! It was horrifying what I saw last time I checked, how can I stop the crypto loss guysss?!.

  7. LOVE the content. Already on boarded 3 employees to the Español channel. Thank you so much! It’s hard to explain with a language barrier…

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