Beware of Bear Market Rallies! 🐻📈 (Operation “Save Midterm Elections” Underway? 🔎👀)

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Hello, fam! Crypto Casey, here 👋 and I'm on a mission to improve people’s lives through #crypto education. In this important video we explore the crypto market's price action following the Fed rate hike and July 28th negative GDP report, as well as whether or not this rally will continue or fall off a cliff. Let’s jump in!

CHAPTERS 💬 (Watch to the end!)

00:00 – Intro
01:00 – Fed Rate Hike
01:55 – GDP Report
02:55 – Crypto Short Squeeze Price Surge
04:00 – More Bankruptcies Soon?
05:30 – FDIC Urges Banks to Police Claims
06:30 – in Banks at Risk
07:30 – $10-30 per Month for 100% SIM Protection
09:00 – Bullish Adoption News Stories
09:55 – 75% of Retailers to Accept Crypto
10:15 – FTX Opens Stock Trading
10:35 – Another Crypto ETF
11:00 – More Venture Capital Funding
12:00 – Conclusion


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❤️ Be safe out there.
—Crypto Casey

Beware of Bear Market Rallies! 🐻📈 (Operation “Save Midterm Elections” Underway? 🔎👀)

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  1. ⭐ 📱 Efani SIM ►
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    …click “Read More” 👇 for more resources!! 💥

    Hello, fam! 👋 In this important video, we discuss global news stories from the week affecting the crypto markets! —Crypto Casey

    💪 Unstoppable Domains ►
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    ❤ Be safe out there.

    1. Honestly one of the few who gives good analyses, doesn’t just give you a good ole hit of the hopium bong, and doesn’t shill shitcoins only to dump them on gullible followers

    2. @MYM plus her belief in the future of the industry in general that’s what distinguishes her from the rest.

    3. Casey and Ben Cowen are my go-tos. Dude’s got a PhD in something and just rips right into the technical analysis, keeping an eye on current events, and is honest enough to tell you he isn’t certain of anything. Worth checking out imo

  2. Hi Casey, thanks for another great video. I got into crypto in November with a small investment and now using DCA to lower my cost basis. I’ve learned alot from your videos. Thank you

  3. Seems as time marches on us as investors don’t seem to see what is actually going on with this polical atmosphere. Its a shame

  4. Thank you Casey! Here’s something to consider… my preference is to listen to your presentation without music added to it. I’d be better able to concentrate and process what is being presented.

    1. I respect that, but personally disagree. The music’s electro-ambient style is very well suited to the topic at hand, it’s non-intrusive as it doesn’t feature any leaping or active melody up front, and the audio is mixed well with Casey’s brassier voice is distinctive from the softer gooey synths under it.

      It enhances my focus on what she discusses and is the opposite of distracting in my experience.

  5. Casey love your content, much Appreciated. Always solved my queries after watching your videos👀🔥. Have you ever checked Alethea AI? It brings NFTs to life. The fused with some big projects like Fame Ladies, The Doge Pound, Pudgy Penguin. I would love to see your review of it.

  6. We have halted spending and are stocking cash away for the real ugliness to come! Hustling to make cash, learning as much as we can through your videos and others and no spending!

  7. great video, but SIM Swap, i think Tmobile has something to help prevent that per line,,, I’ll have to check but I do remember them saying something about it a while back. I Didn’t know anything about that but it’s a way for hackers to get your phone line and use it against you.

  8. I like the idea of Efani. $99 a month seems a little pricey though. So basically you get rid of your mobile provider, you get unlimited data, call and text, and they just send you a SIM?

  9. what if its not hackers but actually the bank itself lol – is that level of corruption a possibility? Sounds far fetched, but who knows how far some banks will go to become solvent.

  10. First notification in a while. Perhaps you are falling back into the favor of the algo. Appreciate all the great news.

  11. Thanks Queen. Regarding protecting your community, MintDefense was born out of Neo Tokyo and will act as Web 3 “antimalware/antivirus” to detect and warn against potential scam minting sites. Pops up in your Chromium browser as a plug-in once you have a license key. Still early development, but first of its kind with ~99% detection rate so far. Keep up the great content. 🌻

  12. As always your looking out for us ,your the best you deserve a trophy for the crypto goddess I’d still be twittering my thumbs if not for you ,,. Thanks for everything love Bake much appreciated

  13. Your videos are great but is there anything you can do about these scammers. I won’t fall for them but I’m sure people have. YouTube doesn’t offer any resources for you to block them?

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