BIDEN Administration Gets AGGRESSIVE On Bitcoin & Crypto Regulation

In tonight's crypto wrap-up, I take a look at the current happenings in the crypto landscape, including crypto receiving a helping hand on capital hill, doge preparing to go from puppy to big dog, and finding success despite the continuing market downturn.

What We Discuss:
0:00 Intro
0:18 Crypto on Capital Hill
1:22 Frankie
2:40 Doge Grows Up
3:30 ADA's Surprise Pump


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BIDEN Administration Gets AGGRESSIVE On & Crypto Regulation

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  1. Whoever’s reading this, I pray that whatever your going through gets better and whatever your struggling with or worrying about is going to be fine and that everyone has a fantastic day! Amen

  2. It’s really about their YouTube check ✔️ don’t let these crypto youtuber loosers cause you to fall into poverty.💯

    1. This is typically the case for sure. This youtube channel has rebranded after a couple snafuus last year shilling some coins. Now all the revenue from youtube is distributed to Pluto Alliance NFT hodlers so the check from youtube is irrelevant to their pockets now.

  3. While Gurus were uploading videos about price pump, the market was already dumping ultra hard

  4. The big discussion on CNBC was Bitcoins use of natural gas because of mining now that natural gas is at $9.30

  5. This guy’s TA is intressting 🤡, plz tell us wher you learn this joke TA so we avoid it ❤️

  6. You falsely said as our “XRP” commander. 10 years to 100? Never 589? You obviously are not considering the quadrillions of capital market penetration.

  7. Banks and govs hate crypto because people prefer to have USDT in their wallet instead of USD in a bank account

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