Biggest Cardano Upgrade Creates Explosive Ecosystem (EU FIGHTS Against CBDC’s)

In your nightly news wrap-up, we bring you the top stories. onboards 100k new wallets while continuing to grow its ecosystem to open the door for new users. is a coin, and they are constantly in the news making headlines. European Union citizens stand firmly against CBDCs. Some economists anticipate that this record-high inflation caused .

What We Discuss:
0:00 Intro
2:23 Frankie Candles Market Update
3:23 CBDC Opposition
4:57 Inflation of the Dollar and Crypto
6:20 Conclusion

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Biggest Cardano Upgrade Creates Explosive Ecosystem (EU FIGHTS Against CBDC's)

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    1. @maxpowersmag why does it matter? Charles is a genius. Degrees are worthless. Do you know who your talking about? Charles has donated millions upon millions of dollars to promote block chain development. He should be given numerous phds. Stop believing the FUD. Wake up or get wrecked when you believe the main stream fud. Damn

  1. Your right keep banging on about inflation people need to learn how the money system works to get out of poverty

  2. Super bullish on Cnfts really like the utilities on the space apes so can’t wait I’m still accumulating and loving the great news. Oh and thanks for getting this v1 👽 staking today it’s ready for yall now

    1. @N0T0RI0US DRUNK why do u only look at price movement? I’m excited when hydra comes out 👍 please do dd

    2. @N0T0RI0US DRUNK not with that attitude. Plus I’m not alone. There’s over 3 millions wallets holding Ada.

  3. Many of the big blockchains appear to be poorly designed, slow, energy intensive, etc. Thats why so many layer 2s have been built to patch these problems. Often the turtle beats the hare in a race in technology. I like the fact Hoskinson has focused on quality over quantity here and really interested in building a solid open source tech foundation that thinks through all the issues now rather than being yet another one of these centralized, script kiddy, rushed-to-market frankenstein blockchain projects. Look at Ethereum now struggling to move to POS…..a perfect example. Lightning on top of Bitcoin is another.

    The pay off for Cardano ADA will be an easy path to mass global adoption and integration someday.

    1. An arthritic turtle that has been lapped by Solana and Fantom 800 times already and is falling further behind with every ‘peer review’ lool.

      They innovate so slowly they are already obsolete. I mean sure, if you never launch any features, you can always be ‘better’ than those who are in the arena on paper. Anybody can do that.

  4. Check out the collaboration between Cardano and Singularity net . This will evolve the Cardano blockchain beyond anything we have ever seen before . Through research they discovered that the ledger bogs the system down . This will increase speeds that will fuel mass adoption.

  5. Really looking forward to Genius Yield on Cardano. Also, enjoying some great yield farming on Wingriders Dex! Cardano is an amazing community! God bless you all in your crypto journeys!

  6. As an early Cardano investor, I can’t even follow everything going on with Cardano anymore. There’s way to much happening to follow.

    1. Invested since January 2018. I hear ya’. It’s going to take time to sort out the mass of activity.

      Not bad for a vaporware Ghostchain, eh?

  7. I can’t pick a favorite addition to the Cardano ecosystem right now. There have been so many, and almost all of them appear to have great potential. It will take time to sort them out.

    One that I’ve wanted to get to know better, but haven’t yet, is Indigo. And I’m interested in Wingriders.

    1. unfortunately its too late to participate in their airdrop but Indigo is gonna be a great project. Also looking forward to Wingriders and how they continue to improve. Genius Yield, and aada also keeping an eye on.

    2. Cornucopias just opened, it’s growing like crazy. It just opened 2 weeks ago at 0.02 … Now .20. life changing money here. Good luck. 👍

  8. When you initially plant an oak tree, it’s roots start heading deep into the soil. Eventually reaching deep ground and it’s roots spread (anchoring it) to with stand the forces of the markets. If my assessments are correct,CARDANO will become a MAJOR PLAYER in the crypto space. I’ve become like a heroin addict. I must buy more CARDANO,to get my fix…💎💎👊💎💎

  9. Price wise Ada is just a terrible investment. We are in downtrend for 8 month straight and it doesnt seem to stop. It cannot even hold its previous all time high of $1,33.. When it comes close to its all time high again, then i will sell 60% of my ada.

  10. Cardano projects I strongly believe in and own (besides numerous NFTs) are Meld, World Mobile Token, AGIX Singularity Net, Empowa, Liqwid Finance, Flickto, and the great Cornucopias and Pavia metaverses.

  11. Good news! Cardano seems good now, I’m glad I decided to spend some USDT on it last year, and then made some research and started investing in it every month.

  12. I have always been attracted to projects that are constantly evolving. This year Cardano is my best buy on Bitfinex

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