BIGGEST Crypto Event in HISTORY COMING!!! (Why ETH Merge Changes EVERYTHING for Bitcoin)

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In this video I discuss the Ethereum Merge as not simply the greatest event in history, however outside of the development of Bitcoin, this will be the biggest event in history.

BIGGEST Crypto Event in HISTORY COMING!!! (Why Merge Changes EVERYTHING for Bitcoin)

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  1. Just had a panic attack because I felt like I couldn’t catch my breath the whole video. Love you Ben be safe!

  2. I’m still trying to figure out why the merge is such a big deal? it doesn’t help gas fees, hardly helps TPS, if at all, still forced to have your coins locked throughout the next year, and instead of mining, you stake. so what is the big deal? I think it is supposedly going to greatly reduce the inflation rate which is definitely helpful, but other than that what exactly does this merge do? as I understand it it’s actually going to create less security. So here you have a cryptocurrency that already exists, and basically an upgrade that really doesn’t do anything. There’s absolutely no big deal here whatsoever. Nothing but hype.…

    1. @Max Maximus And how many coins does Ethereum currently have, 125 million? you mentioned market cap. Well as we all know bitcoin only has 21 million, currently approximately 19 million in circulation and another 2 million coming over the next 100 years. And who knows how many are lost. How long do you think it will take Ethereum’s deflationary asset to come down to 21 million? i’ll give you the answer, Never!
      And unless the price is actually moving, it doesn’t even matter. It becomes completely irrelevant.
      I’ll say it again, a 3.5 X from one all-time high to the next. that makes it one of the worst investments of the last bull run for a legitimate coin.
      let’s talk about inflation, let’s use Dogecoin, roughly 14,000,000 coins created every single day. talk about inflation! they create more coins in a week and a half then eth even has. Yet it was worth less than a penny and went up to almost $.70. it did something like a 200X. The inflation was completely irrelevant. Just like Eths minuscule deflation is completely irrelevant.

    2. What is doing ? Reducing the mining of Eth by 90% like Bitcoin is reducing the mining overtime
      So it is going to be a problem of supplies so demand and supply
      At the moment they mining 13000 eth per day the market needs 8000 PER DAY! So reducing by 90% means Eth will mine only 1300 per day when the market needs 8000!
      So what do you think it’s going to create? A lack of supply!

  3. Double accounting at it’s best. BTC price is and always has premised itself on the 21 million figure (-so no inflation set figure). Only fact unknown is how many have been lost so deflationary.

  4. So what about the rumors of people receiving 10+% for staking eth? How will that effect eths chances of going deflationary

  5. Why do people compare eth to btc? They are nothing alike with eth moving to stake. Btc has the best ledger, eth is turning into fiat basically. So there’s a lot of money in fiat, great, lets not compare the two price has nothing to do with fundamentals.

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