BIGGEST Scam in Crypto History (FTX Destroyed Peoples Lives)

The biggest scam in history has been exposed! More reports on Sam Bankman-Fried coming soon! FTX destroyed people's lives. More leaked documents will come out regarding FTX. The entire legal compliance team at FTX left. The situation at FTX will keep getting worse. They were unchecked. SBF destroyed projects. He deserves going bankrupt. He's going to prison. New reports are coming out soon exposing major charges on Sam Bankman-Fried. Stay tuned…

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BIGGEST Scam in Crypto History (FTX Destroyed Peoples Lives)

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  1. This is a big battle for the decentralization and freedom of our digital assets. Keep doing what you’re doing Ben!

    1. Decentralization and freedom? This is literally caused by 2 guys having a go at eachother. Doesnt really get more centralized and unfree than that.

    2. decentralisation is dead crypto is basically dead because that’s what it all sold on sad day but today im debating weather to cash out and im done or just hold on a hard wallet and hope I don’t lose my keys lmfao but technically your money isn’t safe end off

  2. I always knew SBF and FTX were super sus. Many people told me it was the best exchange and I should move over my money. I didn’t listen and thank God for that.

    1. James from Investanswers is a chill, called 80000 luna, couple days later it tanked, promoted Celsius and it went bankrupt, said 1 day before FTX he loaded up and bought a truck load of Solana and it crashed…he seems sus..

  3. Ben, even if everything is true and the man is truly a careless, selfish, greedy SoB then let the law do its job. fighting for justice is a great thing but don’t be too happy for someones pain. God will judge at the end.

  4. CZ most likely only did that deal to bluff him into showing everyone that FTX is truly insolvent. It was all planned.

    1. If FTX were a bank it would have to follow the regulations and not use customer funds and have sham collateral.

    2. If they were a bank they’d get bailed out to pay the citizens withdrawals back -but they’ll give em to the executives as bonuses instead

    3. @Trust but Verify if it was a US bank they could hold from 0-10% in fractional reserve though now right ? Or did I miss something. I hope I’m wrong

    4. @Trust but Verify You clearly don’t understand how “actual” banks work! Lol They literally take the money you deposit and do the same thing. For reference, look back to the 2007-2008 financial crisis. They ALL were bailed out while citizens were left with the damages and repayments of their POOR decisions.

  5. Ben I love that you’re so happy that this Is happening to SBF which he deserves he is truly the devil in the crypto industry

  6. Also, thanks Ben. you’re forever a legend for letting the people know 2 months ahead of time. I was thinking of buying Solana too but didn’t after watching your vid. Saved me some good money there 😁

  7. Thanks for the heads up Ben, honestly, initially I thought when you said FTX was gonna crash, I thought this was just another rant of yours 😉, but oh man I quickly realized everything you were saying was right. Thanks to you I took my money out of FTX 2 days ago, just in the nick time…from the bottom of my heart…Thanks Ben.

  8. Thanks for your time, work, and communicating with us about this bad actor. You’re understanding of all of it, is way advanced which is why you can see it. Keep up the good work Ben!

  9. Some people owe this man an apology for the flak he’s copped for a long time. I for one never doubted you Ben. Thanks 😊

    1. Bens doing a fantastic job with this and I’m right behind him. That doesn’t mean I forget that his inside man scammed him. He should be going for him as well. Deliberately giving false information with the intention of causing financial damage to him and people he was asked to tell. IE- me and you etc…..


  11. Hey Ben, I just wanted to thank you so much for spreading the word. I have to admit I lost some money both on FTX and with FTT because I had some coins on Blockfolio/FTX.
    However, I was able to save a significant amount of my investments because I listened to you some weeks ago and sent stuff to my cold wallet.
    My wife and I are so grateful for the work you and your team do.

    Thank you for saving Christmas 🎄
    All the love from Germany


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