BitBoy Chats With AI Robot, Desdemona!! (Behind The Scenes Interview!)

Artificial Intelligence is a greatly discussed (and greatly misunderstood) subsection of science that is advancing more and more by the day, creating robots that may soon become indistinguishable from you and I.
In this video, I sit down with Ben Goertzel, CEO and co-founder of SingularityNET, to discuss where the future of AI is heading and how blockchain will play a role in this, along with getting some one on one time with Desdemona, the robotic cousin of famous robot Sophia.

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0:00 Intro
0:24 Ben and Desdemona
0:47 Star Trek and Robots
2:31 The Future of AI
5:03 Crypto and AI
9:34 Understanding AI
13:55 The Future of Robots

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Chats With AI Robot, Desdemona!! (Behind The Scenes Interview!)

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  1. Wow did know this video would have cardano in it , the fact these guys will use cardano too is awesome

  2. Hi BitBoy! I rather watch these content than price action daily basis. Thank you for doing research and sharing with us.

  3. I have a Very Human Question. Will an AI robot ever be able to forget information like Humans do.? I don’t mean pretend to forget. Example: Where did I leave my Keys, or was I supposed to meet that person at 1:00pm or 2:00pm. Unless a robot has that trait, it can never be like a Human being. It’s just a program with infinite information and a set of instructions.

    1. You could create some kind of clear or reset function in the robot code to forget certain stuff to make it more real.

    2. @Tartempion You know if that can be done, to resemble a lack in memory or simply forget something over a long time, a random delete mechanism. I would feel more connected and less intimidated by the future of AI. For example, someone says “Kill that human” and the Robot thinks to itself ” shoot I forgot what KILL means”.Thanks for your feedback.

  4. This is a huge analysis on human learning vs AI adaptive learning. My parents teach me in childhood and always want me to go A direction, but when I get older and exploring the world more like adding data to my brain, then I realized A direction is not the only way, there are many possibilities in human intelligence and capabilities. So AI algorithms works the same way, We gave them some basic learning rules like deep learning but as it gets feed more and more abstract data, it will add more logics and patterns to it and behave differently later on.

  5. interesting. my first experience with AI was with Expert systems, ETc. I found rule base knowledges a value but limited. But I never moved on to the next step. Its a shame, I might have been somebooooodddddy.

  6. Dr. Ben called Ethereum dinosaur tech. He said Cardano is perfect for running generalized AI especially on proof of reputation side chains.
    People who think Ethereum is a long term winner are sadly mistaken.
    If he thought the merge was a significant step, he wouldn’t leave for Cardano

  7. ADA promotes unity, while addressing the triple bottom line. At the core of blockchain, working together is the best way to beat the blockchain trilemma effectively.

    Stay awesome,

    (B, use a nettie-pod prior to filming)

  8. Ben, looking leaner dude, congrats 👏. Great idea to interview this guy it’s an interesting topic & related to tech evolution, thanks 👍

  9. AI that exists today is nothing more than a massive database that constantly adds/updates data ( machine learning ) this is nothing close to what the global thought on what AI is supposed to be, yet a step in the ‘right’ direction.

    if you call this AI then printers, desk fans, even a router should then also fall under “AI”, true AI is on its way thought, but what you see on “AI” today is far from what humans want it to be.

    True AI would have no need for databases or machine learning, the next level after machine learning is still to be discovered. machine learning is far from achieving true ai, but is more closer to achieving automation via hardware in current age

  10. The irony is that advanced AI has existed for years, big brother has had AI that can monitor everyone’s thoughts (imagine it like a Wifi that can access the mind, MK ULTRA 2.0), and can access the internet (so it knows every youtube video and everything on the internet in fine detail. It can think and decide like a human as in it was designed with the human mind in mind. It is self aware.

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