BitBoy Crypto Knocks on SBF’s Door (LIVE in the Bahamas)

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BitBoy Crypto Knocks on SBF’s Door (LIVE in the Bahamas)

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    1. Be careful! SBF yet to be arrested for the same reasons EPSTEIN didn’t kill himself. US DOJ taking their time trying to limit exposure of big names and powerful people in politics. Much respect to bitboy here.

    2. @Ambient Sounds I don’t know about honest though . He is smart n knows how to hype n sells. I got into his hype n lost money in the past .I don’t follow him anymore.

  1. This is what true investigative reporting used to look like back in the day. We didn’t wait for the criminals to decide to come to us we went to them. Oh my how things change As people become more and more corrupt. Thanks Big Boy appreciate you for what you do.

    1. @jcrevolver1 I guess you’ve got a point, if this was a court case livestreamed and he had evidence to show to everyone, then that would be different, possibly even considered heroic or courageous.

    2. @jcrevolver1 The a-hole is hiding out, so he IS concerned for his safety. Bitboy’s presence should make him feel vulnerable. Bitboy’s presence should claw away at his arrogance. Every little space that Bitboy invades should make him afraid.

  2. Salute to bitboy man, this is very brave & his actions shows he cares about crypto. I Love this & wish you a safe trip back to the states & more success to bitboy.

  3. Thanks Ben and all your team. While everyone else is afraid to poke the bear – “You’re going after this creep!” A million thank-you’s on behalf of your subscribers. This punk sure has it made there. Amazing place complete with a small army to protect him. I certainly hope he get an upgrade to his current shack and get moved into the “Big House” (jail). This punk ruined many lives! There is a price to pay for everything in this world.

  4. Amazing ! BitBoy doing the job that not even that long ago network news would be doing ! Great work BitBoy , watch your six !

    1. Of course not as they don’t want to be exposed in a bigger way that they are now. besides that, nobody cares, there where so many investigations (even on Biden) and it ends all under the carpet

  5. Huge respect and huge inspiration to others , Ben . Sincere appreciation. Where are the protests? Where are the rallies ? I pray we are moving together to awaken and embrace right action !

    1. Protest for what? Listen I understand SBF is scum, but this is what the wild wild west of Crypto does without regulation. The crypto communities cries about “no regulation” and then get scammed is like where is the government. The entire community needs to reflect cause you can’t have it both ways. And before you say politics, SBF donated to both parties.

    2. @U Taug not only that, Ryan salame an ftx executive…was the 2nd highest gop donor. They didn’t have political “sides”. They donated to both to secure votes for their proposed regulation which was leaned heavily to benefit them.

    3. I am with you. This calls for immediate protests. I have had enough and if every person who had anything to do with taking money or wrong doing does not go to jail then it us time we threw the Tea in the Harbor.” Which many feel was the start of the American Revolution. This is no different. It actually is much worse. It is time as both parties cannot be trusted any longer. We need to clean out the swamp with people who we can trust.

    1. @SlickBlackCadillacthe “doomer and gloomer” is right. It’s private property. So I guess you want news reporters there doing exactly what Ben did which was absolutely nothing beyond being outside a building starring up at windows? Exactly what has that accomplished besides absolutely nothing? 😂. Yep seems like a great place for reporters to get absolutely nothing. Great use of their time for sure.

    2. @Younes b They we’re outside Judge Kavanaugh’s house when he was nominated. What were they supposed to do? They’re always snooping around when there’s a story. Except here. Why?

  6. Get’m Ben. Just watch out for falling bean bags. It is sad that it takes a youtuber to confront SBF and his bunch, but it again shows the dedication of the crypto community to clean up the mess. Thanks Ben and props to your crew.

  7. This is the true definition of someone, bringing back confidence into the crypto space/ initiating accountability. Enough respect ✌🏽 BITBOY & here’s wishing you safe return; what a RUSH…!!!!#*

  8. I wasn’t a big Bitboy fan before this, now I am, and I appreciate and respect him for how he’s fighting for the victims, it’s not cool to lose one’s life savings. He’s putting himself at risk though, so I wish him the best, because this rabbit hole keeps getting deeper.

  9. Crazy how Ben just spent several hours on a plane just so that he could do this for the people who support his channel you are inspirational Ben thanks again for all you do for the crypto community!

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