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    1. @BitBoy Crypto Yes Ben. On this way you are accepted in the XRP Army 😉 Keep up the good work. i subscribed again.

  1. Ben when you go on Bankless be tactful and diplomatic. The Crypto community needs to stand together. If we are divided that is exactly what the opposition wants. Maintain your composure and try not to loose your temper. Be passionate but keep your composure lest you loose credibility. We are all depending on you and we will support you!! Be prepared and ready for a reasonable and rational conversation. If you are prepared you will kill it!!

    1. You’re right. In fighting midget more views, likes and retweets, but it makes crypto even more toxic than it needs to be. We all need to grow up

  2. I just watched that interview and you’re right. SBF said nothing relevant or coherent. Vorhees totally owned him on his first statement.

  3. Thank you thank you Ben for taking on this Goliath of the elite crypto demons, God’s blessings with this battle 🙏🙏🙏

  4. Love you ben, been following you since 2020. Keep up the amazing work y’all do for the community 🙂

  5. Honestly Ben, you guys were part of my gateway into crypto and I have since built a modest portfolio during the peak of last season and the current bear. Some great learnings on my personal failures in the space as well to prepare for the next bull market. Point is, I’ve been exposed to quite a few crypto influencers and I really respect that you’re transparent and honest, you’ve made mistakes but at the end of the day it’s clear you have the people’s best interests in wealth creation. Thank you for what you do. From Australia.

  6. I’ll tell you, this has really turned me around on your channel, you fighting for crypto and speaking the truth has turned me into a massive fan. Thank you Ben for fighting this battle, we have your back, and let us know how we can support you in this fight!

    1. @MyBlock Crypto i was a bitboy supporter, almost from the beginning of the channel . Youre correct it needs to be said but hes just trying to gain our trust

    2. @D Anon yeah that would make sense…. Sadly. Let’s not forget he had US his fans invest in absolute bs coins.
      I wanna like the man but that’s out of order

  7. Your description of the debate was spot-on. SBF, with all of his childish platitudes and incoherent arguments, flopped around like a puppet without his strings. He’s a tool of the criminal authoritarian cabal, but thankfully for humanity, he’s a very dull tool. The comparisons of SBF to Kamala Harris in chat were entirely warranted.

  8. Thank you Ben for trying to stop SBF and FTX. I am in crypto because it’s decentralized….. don’t let SBF destroy this idea

  9. Erik completely owned the conversation, and was calm and cool. SBF basically exposed his own intentions, and his body language was so obvious. SBF is not someone to be trusted ☝️

  10. You’re doing a great job,don’t stop. Don’t stop until you drive him out of the industry because he will never change.

  11. Thank you for staying on this topic. You really are the bitboy superhero. if we dont fight back, digital tech will be used for evil. Just like a hammer can kill someone or build a house!! we must build the new paradigm.

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