BITBOY VLOG: Our First Vlog! + Bitboy Pays It Forward

It's our first ! We’re at the Capitol in Sacramento. Ben talks about with the California house of representatives. They are still trying to figure out their definition of blockchain, and Ben is there to help them understand it all. Once they understand more about it, they can focus on . This will be a HUGE step forward for . While he’s there, BitBoy pays it forward to help a family in need!

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: Our First Vlog! + Bitboy Pays It Forward

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  1. Wow!
    Team BitBoy you guys are awesome. Just when we thought we seen it all. You go and give another car to someone in need. God bless you all.

    ❌RP Army

    1. @Jamie Evan why are you back? The only prediction he got wrong was calling 100k. Can you tell me any youtuber who got that right NONE! Bitbiy warned that bear market will start late 2011, everyone else were laughing at him. i took out my money then , now I’m in 500 percent profit

    2. @Jamie Evan being a channel for the people doesn’t mean they’ll always be right, means theyll always be honest. You guys get told to something and you take it as insider knowledge. Accept bens knowledge and do your own research on top of that and make an informed decisiom with your money.

    3. Stop blaming others u pushed the buy button not bitboy take responsibility u are old enough . He will inform u about coins but u have to decide for u self and deal with the choice u made . There will be good opportunities soon for higher profit just stay patient and keep tracking the market . Good luck to all of you ❤️

  2. That’s awesome!!! Now Ben, you have one chance at getting this right. Be sure you push the Cardano Blockchain 100%. We all know it is king!

  3. That was great! Yes, we here for more than just ourselves! We are to make an impact in the lives of those around us when we can! God Bless you guys!!!!

  4. Thank you Ben and crew for showing what it looks like to be a true believer in doing what you love.

  5. Love this video. This is a whole lot more than about crypto, it is about the people who run this channel. Bravo! Keep it up!

  6. Watch the show regularly and this content is awesome! Love seeing a little more behind the scenes and your guys personality. Keep up the great work, stay safe!

  7. Yo bit squad. Loved this video, your top guys and and can’t wait to see more of what’s coming. Stay good everyone most of us new people to crypto are down but will be back.

  8. the most important thing when it comes to cryptocurrency having a wallet, get your coins off the exchanges. supply and demand! 🍻

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