BitBoy’s Bill Will CRUSH SBF!

The expense that we are working on is pro-decentralization, which triggered the series of events that led to the fall of FTX and SBF.
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's Bill Will CRUSH SBF!

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  1. I started watching this channel because of the substantial load of information and clear effort that was put into the content. Not a big fan of this new 10 second deathless rant moments with almost no context. I follow this channel so I know exactly what is being talked about but I feel these “teeny bopper tiktok” clips are garbage content fillers that maybe attract the teeny boppers. But what is this channels purpose, to talk about real world adult things or to gain the attention of as many kids as possible with no attention spans?

    1. His channel is utilizing multiple avenues of information dissemination, from short to long attention spans; closing the loop and filling all viewer voids. I look at his short clips as headlines to prompt me to look deeper.

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