Bitboy’s Hint About THE FUTURE!

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Bitboy's Hint About THE FUTURE!

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  1. Do more of the behind ng scenes episodes and also a team should try to play metaverse games live so people can learn

  2. I’ve been saying for a long time there needs to be a 24/7 crypto network. So glad you’re the one who’s going to bring it to us!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  3. I really enjoy this type of behind-the-scenes style vlog and would love to watch a longer more detailed version!

  4. Suggestion: Visit as many crypto events as you can with clips of speeches/discussions and conversations with attendees. I know this could get pricey……Also could you somehow give info on paring up nft artists with web 3 developers who want to start something that could be as big as Bored Apes. I personally would like that for my nft brand, either to partner with someone or sell my brand to a developer. Not sure how to go about this. Good luck with your new idea Ben!!!

  5. I think you guys have a bright future. The crypto market is so rich and you guys are one of the early adoptors to recognize the potential.

  6. Filling 24hrs with pure different content will be a Huge TASK! Bring on many more Guests (Unknown’s) i.e. People whom engage a lot in Chat etc and Interview their Story’s and Backgrounds what got them into Crypto. I do suggest more 30min slots than 1 hr. More is not always better! Good for you that will help many that deserve some exposure an opportunity.

  7. Show ideas:

    Building on Sandbox
    – weekly tutorials and daily build updates

    Hard Wallet tutorials (weekly tutorials with Q/A)
    – Withdrawing ADA to a Ledger while linking it to Yoroi wallet
    – Withdrawing ERC20 tokens to Ledger
    – Withdrawing crypto from Ledger to an exchange that may require a “memo” (XRP, XLM)

    Crypto discussions with members of the government (friendlies and even non-friendlies (building new relationships))
    – Friendlies – updates from allies in the government who can possibly give the inside scoop of what is being talked about behind closed doors
    – Non-Friendlies – Discussions with members of the government who may not fully understand or believe in crypto and it’s benefits (open minded discussions on both sides (no calling the opposition stupid hehe))

    etc… let me know if you want more 🙂

  8. I would love to see training and tutorial and history segments. For example, history of bitcoin, Eth, how to DYOR, 3 basic tools you need to start trading, interactive quizzes, etc…

  9. I don’t know if I’m ready for that as a viewer… I think y’all should honestly test out different shows, maybe 1 or 2 at a time and then when they become solidified, u can create a lineup.

  10. You guys should run a ticker if you’re going to be on 24/7! Have a breaking price new segment! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been on the road wanted to be able to listen in to what price action might be happening. To be alerted to the first couple of minutes of a drop or surge would be incredibly beneficial to the community. Especially for those who can’t stay glued to a screen. 🙂

  11. How about a show where you take someone who is completely new to crypto and over multiple episodes you walk them through things such as blockchain, setting up a wallet, trading, etc? I think watching someone learn the basics is better than watching a bunch of tutorial videos on your own especially if the person learning is able to ask questions they are confused about in the show. It’s more relatable because the audience probably has the same questions and shares the initial confusion.

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