In this video, we will discuss the price of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the top . We'll take a look at the cryptocurrency markets and the latest .

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  1. 5:00 I disagree I think this time is great for BTC. This is when u accumulate, I was waiting for this!! I hope it goes side ways for another year. 🙏

  2. Really excited for my first bear market, stacking XRP , Cardano, Gala, ape coin, CRO, MATIC!! I’m going to make it 😃

  3. I disagree about what you said on FTM, we don’t need Andre back, we are doing fine without him, secondly he didn’t leave ftm, he just took break as things were getting too hectic

  4. Soon, when I see the cryptocurrency in green, I will perceive it as a celebration, because lately it has not often pleased us. But I still hope that I did not invest usdt in Bitcoin for nothing.

  5. Watch almost every day, but usually a lurker. Really appreciate you having the arcane Bear on! And if you ever really want to poke at the maximalists, why don’t you invite Roger Ver!

  6. Good stuff on taking about the cardano vasil hardfork bitboy. I think the Djeb stable coin is huge event. I love to see you guys have it as an rundown topic. Thanks and love the videos

  7. You will never get a second chance to invest in traditional markets. Crypto literally gives you many tries to get in low

  8. No disrespect, I along with my kids love the movie. Ben you look like Spanky from little rascals! Been watching you guys for a little over a year wandering why you look familiar and it just connected.

  9. He’s right don’t try & catch the bottom like Bitboy & others are saying .. when it hits the bottom big money have buy orders .. all exchanges will have to much active to grab the bottom

  10. If that 27k was the capitulation,that was a lazy one,
    In the last six months,until today I haven’t seen even one devastated person because of stuck or bitcoin drop.
    You’re not,
    No other youtuber is,
    No one.
    People are a little bumped because their portfolios have gotten trimmed,
    And I 100% understand why FED chair says consumer is strong,
    Or economy in that matter,
    Just look round,
    People are rich and their bank accounts stacked,
    Maybe if DAO or SPX go down 40-50% and Bitcoin goes to 13k,then bunch of people get angry,
    For now,the people in whole world are rich and they don’t care about why their portfolio,which don’t have to do anything with it,is down 20%

  11. Stopping inflation simple. Open gas and oil in Usa. Democratic party does not want too end inflation

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