Bitcoin Ban Proposed By White House (URGENT!)

A report finally came out from the White House going over Bitcoin mining being banned if it can not solve energy concerns. This Bitcoin comes in the exact same month that Ethereum is moving from evidence of work to evidence of stake.

Bitcoin mining restriction –

post –

Bitcoin white house report –

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Proposed By White House (URGENT!)

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  1. That’s hilarious, I heard they were going to try to turn off the Internet too. Better turn it off right now, for they are coming for ya 🤣

    1. @Doug Bohm You too! I’ve gone through five coffee pots in the last year. Just unexplained failures after usually a month of use.

  2. Ban BTC mining when you ban frontrunning by hedge funds and big banks. They use a LOT of computing power to do this.

  3. Great content and info as usual, thank you! Algo will be the “100 dollar bill” of crypto in the near years. *IMO*

  4. Hilarious. Empty talk…and honestly if they did ban or limit , it would hurt market for a bit but after the dust settled I could see a TON of that liquidity pouring into Cardano and ether. Could be the greatest thing to ever happen for pos coins. Thanks again Dan.

  5. with such disparity between the implementations of POS… i can’t really support ETH… not my keys, not my crypto.. ADA for the win

  6. cieszę się, że wszedłem w krypto, kiedy to zrobiłem, ponieważ był to dla mnie punkt zwrotny finansowo, jak dotąd moja najlepsza decyzja

    1. Polecę mojego obecnego tradera, panią Adrian Darna, pochodzi z USA i jej strategie przynoszą mi duże zyski

    2. @Deborah Lerazor Proszę jak mogę skontaktować się z tą Panią Panią Adrian darna, też chętnie z nią zainwestuję,

    3. Czasami zastanawiam się, czy używa magicznych mocy do handlu, których nigdy nie słyszałem ani nie widziałem, aby którykolwiek z jej klientów narzekał na zgubienie… Myślę, że jest po prostu zbyt idealna

  7. Remember when China banned bitcoin mining? all it does is move the miners from country to country.
    These governments don’t seem to get it.

  8. Setiap orang membutuhkan lebih dari sekadar upah t stabil secara finansial. Hal terbaik untuk dilakukan dengan uang Anda adalah berinvestasi dengan cara yang benar karena uang yang tersisa untuk ditabung selalu berakhir digunakan tanpa pengembalian

    1. Saya akan senang untuk memulai investasi bitcoin, telah mendengar banyak tentang bitcoin dan Nyonya Alice, tolong bagaimana dia bisa dihubungi?

    2. Saya kira saya akan menghubungi dia telah mendengar banyak tentang strateginya dan saya akan memberinya percobaan.

  9. Why do people feel the need to bring negativity to the chat. If you don’t enjoy the content that Dan brings then just move on. Keep on what you’re doing Dan i have been following you for nearly two years now and you are always HONEST and do your best to bring the most accurate information to the table so that we can all make our own informed decisions. Some people thrive off of negativity

    1. Thanks Kacey, I appreciate that. I have to constantly remind myself that it likely doesn’t have much to do with me. I think of lot of the negativity stems from personal issues people are dealing with, and they just project it onto people like me. I need to get better at showing them as much love as I can. Because we both know they need it.

    2. @Crypto Capital Venture totally agree. It must be hard for a content creator to keep getting attacked the way you do but know that there is much more support behind you than haters so keep up the good work!

  10. Getting rich off crypto is much tougher than it seems.,,i have only been holding crypto but it hasnt been profitable for me. I’ve also tried trading using some of these youtub videos but no lucks and finding a reliable platform or pro trader also appears to be nearly impossible 😕😕😕

    1. In this aspect, individuals who lack specific trading experience can actually benefit from primary traders’ expertise without having to invest a lot of time and effort in developing a successful trading strategy.

    2. @Blake Foreman Will this be a good time to invest? Say for example I put 5000£ down and things started to go well what range of profit do I stand to gain from that roughly?

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