Bitcoin Bear Market ENDING Soon! (Elon Musk’s FEDERAL Investigation)

Piano Matty B
Crypto Keeper
AJ Writes Crypto

Today we will be discussing BTC and on-chain metric’s that could be pointing towards a bottoming out for BTC. Next we’ll talk about Elon Musk and the controversy surrounding the Twitter deal and a possible federal investigation and last we’ll look at gaming giant Konami getting into NFTs and the metaverse.

Around the Blockchain is your favorite Cryptocurrency show discussing , Ethereum, , and the top . Our four crypto experts Cryptostache, Piano Matty B, Crypto Keeper, & AJ Writes Crypto. Tune in for their insightful crypto analysis.

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Bitcoin Bear Market ENDING Soon! (Elon Musk’s FEDERAL Investigation)

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  1. Bitcoin and Litecoin reward halving supply shock coming down the track….🏖…🌬🏄🏾‍♂️

    Last ‘round of halvings’ signaled the beginnings of the 2019 – 2021 price surge!”

  2. Idk what yall are talking about.. I think 2-3 maybe 4 months is a fair assessment for the end of the bear market… Then its accumulation phase for a year or so like piano guy said. Yea we probably have more down to go but doesnt mean we will continue down after 3-4 months. Sure, we are in shaky economic conditions but doesnt mean btc will stay in bear trend. I mean its been through 2 fed rate hikes since its june hike and crash and all the war turmoil and the market has stayed pretty stable.. After 2-4 months, should be clear that the bottom is in. Unless some crazy black swan event internet outage cyber attack happens

  3. As far as the title goes, it would contradict everything Ben has said atleast. To some extent, ok yea that bear market ends at the newest lows. But sideways action like you guys have preached for a year at very low prices.

  4. I don’t think these guys understand. No is saying a bull market will start in 2 or 3 months. Just the bottom and a new accumulation person. 2019 went from 3k to 12k and back to 3k in 2020 before the may 2020 halving.

    1. That’s true but what you’re also saying indirectly is that only a black swan event can make crypto go lower.

  5. Title advertises an end to a bear market but content of actual video says “no way, bear market is not going away.” Click bait once again.

  6. Who cares if it’s boring I’m hoping it stays around here for another year so I can accumulate more. This isn’t no damn amusement park this is long term investment why tf would I want Bitcoin to skyrocket now! It will come sooner or later relax!

  7. Bear market needs to be over so we can get that sweet “Bitboy crypto morning TA” I miss piano Matty B

  8. The oil prices will go up again. Inflation will do a double top. How that will affect the markets is anybody’s GUESS like what TA guys are doing.

  9. Only reason Elon has legal trouble is bc he said he can no longer supply Ukraine with Starlink for free and said the Pentagon needs to pay for it

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