Bitcoin Below 20K!! (WORST TIME For ALTCOINS)

In tonight's wrap-up, I cover the latest happenings in the landscape and the top crypto stories. We’ll discuss the ongoing crypto crash as over $1B gets liquidated and the market cap loses $500B. Next, we’ll talk about the fall of LUNA. Could the same fate be in store for ? If you don’t believe we’re in a bear market right now, I don’t know what to tell you. Is now the time to buy the dip?

What We Discuss:
0:00 Intro
0:16 Market Crash
1:25 Frankie
2:46 LUNA

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  1. Wouldn’t Do Kwon know exactly who traded with? All he has to do is say who it was, it was a billion dollar exchange. Unless from prior experience he realized his product was flawed and wouldn’t hold up and did it himself. It’s a block chain, follow the money, follow the major BTC buys and exchanges.

  2. We’ve been in a Bear Market since the first time we hit 67k back in May of last year. All these crypto youtubers were just delusional screaming for 100k for months after, especially when we revisted the 67k area. We hit 69k in November but that’s barley an ATH it was rejected and the bear market continued until now. When all the we’re going to the moon or die crypto maxis finally admit it’s a bear market is when it’s probably the end of the bear market lol.

    1. I dont quite agree with this, i believe the bear market started after the rejection in november. It fits with when the bull market was due to end, given that i believe btc will bottom out in October/November time

    2. You just contradicted yourself in the same paragraph LOL. November was end of bull run most definitely not may.

  3. No joke man… I do get BTC can go lower but this dude is always wrong lmao. Says 20k and goes up. Then declares moon and it dumps. HOW CAN YOU BE 100% WRONG BRO?

  4. All part and parcel of the process.
    “Shake out”.
    It’s a absolutely awesome and exciting time to be in this space.
    This is BUY time.

    1. @AMC bingo. Only fools rush in as they say. Keep water on the bow and anchor up. Wet birds never fly at night. Only the rabbit sees the squirrel on Tuesday if you know what I mean.

  5. Looks like everyone is saying we’re in a bear market now. Ben almost has I told you so smug look in his face lol. In the four hours since this video the crypto market has gained about 180 billion. We’ll see what mañana brings.

  6. The big real problem are the youtube GURUS like BitBoy! Now BTC is below 20k and at this very moment, BTC is over 30k! The GURUS fail over and over and their followers are the ones paying the real price!

    1. @Matt Falls why ? Im still massively in profit and I could sell now and buy back cheaper later

  7. I’m glad I didn’t spend my tether on luna last month like I intended to. Now I only buy bitcoin.

  8. 5 dollar Chain Link, 30 cent XRP, etc… now is the time to be buying alts not selling them. Everyone says they would have bought them if they were ever this cheap again…. but they are all LIARS. They only want to buy chain Link at 50 dollars and xrp at 3 dollars. They never want to get these things when they will be a 20 or 30X in 6 months or a year from now…. NEVER

  9. A few of us load up our cardano bag at 40 cents and we are waiting for 30 and 20 cents cardano to buy alot more.

  10. If this happens, then be it! I got enough usdt stashed to buy a couple of more serious dips

  11. During the crash I took the opportunity to take little by little when it was crashing down. My only regret is I didn’t put Thousands, instead of hundreds when it went back up. But at least I got more back from it.

  12. I’m sure we are, and have been for a while, in a bear market. As always, everything will go back up eventually and get into another bull market. I bought quite a bit two days ago at the big dip. Since then, my money is already back up 30%. Always buy more at the lows and leave it be.

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