Bitcoin Better Than Gold! (Institutional Eyes on Ethereum!)

In this video, we will discuss the price of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the top altcoins. We'll take a look at the cryptocurrency markets and the latest .

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7:13 Market Watch
12:20 Charts
33:17 Twitter Buzz
46:53 Raoul Pal:
57:26 Tornado Disband
1:08:55 Acala's Exploit
1:15:19 Samsung: Web 3
1:16:31 Cuban on ADA
1:21:20 XRP: SEC
1:25:06 Quick Hits/Q&A

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Bitcoin Better Than Gold! (Institutional Eyes on Ethereum!)

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  1. What Is a Double Top? A double top is an extremely bearish technical reversal pattern that forms after an asset reaches a high price two consecutive times with a moderate decline between the two highs. Just now

  2. I agree Celsius energy drinks are fantastic and they are way healthier than what your drinking it’s green tea basically there is plenty of energy/caffeine

  3. For me, this is an unambiguous choice of Bitcoin. One day I converted a significant part of my money into usdt, and then bought Bitcoin.

  4. The truth is foreigners come to the US to practice medicine to make the most money possible. Our country allows price gouging in the medical field among others. We also have price gouging in health insurance. Politicians let us get scammed and ripped off because they are getting their pockets lined for loking the other way. Be smart, follow the money…always.

  5. At last some truth from you. Yes I remember 28 September and yes I remember $320k top for bitcoin. At $65k I thought yes some potential upside for me and some invaluable experience. This is why I clearly remember” I have a guy and the price is only going to 100 K“. My initial thought was damn damn should I take my money out because it’s not gonna go up that much but then I thought hey I know exactly where it’s going because Ben said at least we know exactly where it’s going may not be as much as we expected but it is what it is. People took your reduced Price as being real because it was so much lower and who would make something like that up you were told the price you told us you were told the price except no you are conned in fact cold so well you still believe to this day your guy didn’t do it deliberately. He stopped taking your calls for God sake does that not tell you you would served your purpose and so again I say you gave financial advice based on the financial advice you received from your man in high places. I’ve heard you say if someone says something that you don’t agree with you will take them to court how come you’re not taking me to court Ben we all know why don’t we,you want this to go away

  6. $MAGMA is a hyper burn token with 10% burn for all buys and sells. 43% burned so far for over a week old project, CA renounced and LP locked for 100 years. Your thoughts please?!?!

  7. When I first got into crypto right before the last bull run I put half of my money into btc and the other in eth. So far my btc is worth more but I feel eth has more potential to grow. I have to mention if I didn’t stake my eth into coin base like a noob these figures would definitely be different. I can’t wait when eth overtakes btc. It will happen one day.

  8. All I have to say is
    Thank you for the content, especially through this bear market

    Ive been watching DAILY, lets get it

  9. Thanks Ben for telling it as it is, your humor when Frank is on 😂 and sharing your personal side. I’m glad that you’re dad is doing well and I’ll continue to pray for your pops. Continue your great content with TJ as I love your morning show! 🙏

    1. Forgot to mention that here in Hawaii, growing up, there was a lot of braves fans as that was the only MLB team that you could watch on TV (TBS). I enjoy watching the Braves play when they had players like Dale Murphy, David Justice, John Smoltz, Tom Glavine, and Greg Maddox to name a few..
      Yes, I’m that old.. 😂

  10. Tornado Cash = Privacy. Thank an employer that pays his employees in ETH. There is 0 privacy for those employees. Anyone can see how much they get paid and what they do with that ETH via the public blockchain. The employer could even use that information to make decisions about it’s employees. If there comes a time that employees will be paid in crypto on a large scale, there MUST be a way to keep that information private.

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