Bitcoin BOTTOM inbound!? (Cardano fork critical mass)

Today we will be discussing flashing multiple bottom signals! When is the best time to accumulate? Next we’ll talk about the Vasil hark fork happening TODAY, and last we’ll look at the Zilliqa Launch of a news Web3 Gaming Console!

Around the Blockchain is your favorite Cryptocurrency show discussing , Ethereum, Cardano, and the top . Our four experts Blood, Steve McGarry, Joe Parys, & Brad Varnell. Tune in for their insightful crypto analysis.

Crypto Blood:

Steve McGarry:

Joe Parys:

Brad Varnell:

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Bitcoin BOTTOM inbound!? (Cardano fork critical mass)

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  1. That was super fun! lol Thanks to everyone for tuning in! Make sure to like and subscribe as well to get alerts on vids like these in the future!

    1. @Scott Haydon yes exactly it would be horrible! And as you said, taking an unbaised, non-hopium view at it. They are not gonna win. Just look at what the Treasury Dept. did with Tornado Cash! Like the attack is on full blast! And people in the community rather close their eyes and cove their ears instead of fight against them!

    2. Ya crypto blood has the best comedy channel on you tube 😂 he is obviously living under a rock. An 8 year old could spent 30 mins researching and know that the sec isnt going to win and if they did that would be terrible for the whole crypto space and eth is likely next.

  2. ‘Front running’ could accelerate 🏃‍♀️🏃🏽‍♂️the uptrend for Bitcoin

    2023 Łitecoin reward halving closer by the minute ⏱ as MWEB upgrade goes ‘live’ ⚡️ 2015 and 2019 halvings saw big price rises for Litecoin and Bitcoin.

  3. For a gaming console, gpu, cpu, ram and all of that is VERY important deezy..its the most important actually. If they’re smart(ziliqa) they’ll go AMD. Gonna be hard to choose the right gpu though. Im excited to see what they’ll do.

  4. ZILLIQA We’ll surprise a lot of people in the near future. I’m so glad I’m heavily invested in this token 😎👍💫

  5. Cardano pumped? what a joke. This is a major upgrade for the network and it got no more of a small pump than the rest of the market. XRP got the pump ADA should have got

  6. Cardano will be the top “decentralized” smart contract platform by 2030. Eth, sol, etc will all be very centralized.

  7. I find with the drip network a lot of the people hold forex shark in high regard and the community loves him, when he delivers on time considering he very rarely delivers on time its pretty amazing he has such support within the community. 💧💧💧

  8. Cardano is where Amazon just to be ” boring” .. Ethereum is the Old ebay. Ps. Dollar cost average Cardano (:long term gains).

  9. All these block chains, can someone make a chart showing all the chains and the failures and successes and I bet you’ll see why Cardarno is going to be so popular. To get general adoption and new people into the space we need confidence in projects. In this space we brush off hacks and scams as normal everyday happenings, we need confidence and projects will 0 failures for normal people to adopt crypto. Can you say that with eth?

  10. Algorand just scaled to 6000tps, introduced state proofs, sub 4 second finality and storage boxes. No one had to stop trading Algo the update went off without any interruptions but no one mentions that

  11. Big congrats to everyone who bought the bitcoin bottom back in June when oil peaked. If you missed the bottom, don’t worry you’ll have a 2nd best chance and 2nd best price this week. Buckle up for the soon incoming US midterms market rally.

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