BITCOIN Breakout Forming (ALGO Bringing FIFA To Blockchain!)

In this video, we will discuss the price of Bitcoin, , and the . We'll take a look at the markets and the latest crypto news.

Topics We Discuss:
6:15 Market Watch
9:35 BTC/ETH Charts
19:30 $1.6B Exploited
24:35 Decrypt Raises $10m
28:38 Animoca
31:35 ALGO Partner's with FIFA
35:51 Square Enix Loves Crypto
40:50 Terra's Anchor
42:23 XRP Partners w/ Argentina
43:37 Quick Hits/Q&A

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BITCOIN Breakout Forming (ALGO Bringing FIFA To Blockchain!)

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  1. I wish you would find a cheaper way to stake. I have 11 aliens and it’s going to cost me several hundreds to stake them.

  2. tj is totally off on algo.he fails to mention algo is an iso20022 compliant coin and is gonna blow up in the coming years with iso coming online next year

  3. Bitcoin breakout…. lol
    I must see this thumbnail once a week. Also, must have a misynderatanding of what a breakout is… apparently 3% is a breakout.

  4. What do you think next trend Metaverse gamefi? I playing Zombie World Z and seem this game maybe become a trend if this month is trend of Metaverse. Just 25days ROI, you can recovery investment

    1. Im so glad i read ths because i barely heard about “no more rewards” like 5 min ago and was afraid to look at price.

  5. you are doing the bearish flag moving the line on teh current value, when the break and re-test happend already

  6. In all reality most of the lands will end up in contributors bayc mayc kayc hands. Let me explain, most kyc’d wallets belong to them. So they got airdrop and was able to mint 2 more if they wanted. 15,000 for contributors. Finally 23,000 roughly. Now the remaining 100k will be airdrop to current holders, snapshot for that no dates available. Snapshot could have already taken place, allowing them to sell the garbage. Sorry I got of topic, anyway potentially putting 147,000 lands in their hands. Mostly widely distributed project in history….no…most widely distributed to thier close community. 30k lands contributors nft holders x 2 airdroped roughly off the top of my head 80k. And just to put a little more stink on it the best lands were reserved for bayc members ….welcome to the suckerside

  7. I have .134 in Bitcoin.. Avg. price $53,577.84.. Total return -2,074.87. Equity = $5,155.04 Would you take the loss and get in at the lower prices?

    1. I’m in for almost exactly your ammt and avg buy price. For me I’m holding and gonna continue to buy more when price dips to lower my avg price

  8. Nice….I used to live 5 minutes from the Hockenheim ring in the town of Reilingen. Good memories from living in that area!

  9. Frankie candles says “the end of the pattern” This is called the PCZ – FYI

  10. Welcome to Bitboy Crypto, the #1 counter-indicator on Youtube, we help people achieve losses and spread mis-information

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