BITCOIN Bulls Might SHOCK Everyone In 2022 (no recession?)

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Many individuals in bitcoin, crypto, and conventional markets have problem thinking or picturing a bull rally or positive rate action when fear is so high and things look bad. However what if things do not get as bad as many individuals believe for Bitcoin and what if there is no economic crisis?

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Crypto Capital Endeavor approves tracking bitcoin market in particular. The basic property of technical analysis videos on Crypto Capital Endeavor is that although Bitcoin cost price moves extremely in a really unstable way, there is much chance in being prepared for benefit and downside. We likewise cover Bitcoin on this channel as it comes out.

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BITCOIN Bulls Might SHOCK Everyone In 2022 (no recession?)

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    1. PS:FNGU 🤔🚀 (3x index) if no recession
      This index and Ada is about to rake in all my losses!!! I legit have to make this happen for my family

    1. @Steven Anderson It could go up it could go down. And wow look I was right 100% of the time. Huh imagine that. XD

  1. Everything goes good before midterms? That’s manipulation imo. Either way, if it helps the bags then it’s good. It also could have been avoided in the first place.

  2. This is exactly what I’ve been thinking for a while now. Everyone is way too bearish and everyone is usually wrong.

  3. I really hope the markets DON’T go up! It has been the first time in ages where I’ve been able to buy while the prices are low could do with another 6months to a year of this👍👌🙏

  4. I really think the news has been so bad that we are bound to go up
    Also look at gold and silver
    Both up like crazy
    In comparison to bitcoin the growth is slow but it is up however I would recommend holding physical gold physical silver every place I call will not give me a quote on gold unless I bring it in which I found strange right now because they used to not do that they used to tell you over the phone and now they won’t which is BS

  5. I followed many crypto channel but this one the only one that i put a like everytime nice one mate God Bless

  6. If u. Any take a 50% dip and not be scared. You need to leave the markerts. Or walk away. Stop looking! Check once a year. Most of you aren’t successful day traaders or have millions. Why would u need to know what going on in marketts more then warren buffet.

    1. A bear markeert is a great time to buy. Look at the emotional index for any markeert. The Times of greatest fear in the markeert more often than not are some of the best recoveries. Why? Because people tend to panic when things go bad and overreact. Stay informed and always have a plan. Buy low, hold long my friend.

    2. @Dustin Bowie yeah, I agree, but I think it’s best to let it bottom before buying. I don’t want my moneyy to lose value. It’s best to stand aside until there’s a reversal.

    3. No man or machine can beat DCA invssting. Don’t miss the boat. This is why being informed pays off. I see any markert condition as an opportunity, so far i just d0llar cost average. I am still in pr0fits even though i decide to sell half of my portfoli0 today, as my average is way lower. Kudos to my Finnncial-Advior Theresa Mary Chamblee . I don’t pay attention to the day to day movements & Returns have been good. Not retiring any time soon so who cares what happens today?

    4. @Chris Tsang I just looked up this person out of curiosity, and surprisingly she seems renowned. I thought this was just some overrated BS. I appreciate this.

    5. @James Savarese If you are truly DCA you are probably the only person on this channel who will make moneyyy in the stcck markt, likely including the fellow making the video.

  7. Seems to me that transitory is the problem. Prices will start to come down when the dust settles and economy stabilizes. Bitcoin bull run hasn’t even started yet. Many will miss out when blast off 🚀

  8. I prefer volatility rather than the slow moves! excitement is the most important factor for the crypto market!

  9. Cyrpto will probably see a bounce, especially if this is a major Depression. I expect gold, oil, etc… key natural resources to gain but due to all of the monetary concerns I can see crypto benefiting big time. The Yen may be the first to go over the cliff and Japan owns so many US treasuries they may bring down the dollar. Bitcoin won’t become the reserve currency but if the US dollar, the world’s reserve currency, gets hit the money is going to go somewhere.

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