BITCOIN Collapse & CRYPTO Bans (THIS Will Get You Through The Bear Market!)

In your nightly wrap up, we bring you the . Tonight, In your nightly wrap up: Argentina shuts down crypto to get a loan. Can this save Argentina’s local currency? Next, Benjamin Cowen admits defeat. Despite being in a bear market my conviction in developing a long term mindset strengthens. Find out why and how I’m staying positive in these tough conditions.

What We Discuss:
0:00 Intro
0:16 Argentina and crypto
1:39 UST
3:11 Market Watch
4:24 Stay Positive


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Collapse & CRYPTO Bans (THIS Will Get You Through The Bear Market!)

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    1. Ur going to be too late. Last famous words. Just DCA bro ain’t no fucking way to find the right price.

      GLHF / NFA

  1. I don’t care I keep buying. Buying more actually. I’m looking towards the future so I don’t care what it does now. I’m actually happy to get coind super cheap.

  2. Ive gotten away from smaller cap alt coins and have been accumulating ADA.. I believe many of the smaller alts will go under in this economy. The major alts will stick around and eventually rebound. ADA has seen a massive drop (more so than BTC and ETH) so I am hoping it survives and exponentially goes up, hence the accumulation.. Any thoughts on this? Im relatively new to crypto.. Thanks!

    1. Good call ada is a solid project i would deversifi my portfolio and also dca in eth

    2. I believe the same thing. It’s what happened last time. Investing in ADA and the related major projects. It will be the star of the next bull market in my opinion

  3. How u ain’t see ther plain Ben they showed them Bitcoin there going to say we need go digital with xrp or what w sr to fix out debt like tnere doing with everyone they will say Bitcoin was good but it wasn’t the perfect crypto to choose to take away out paper money in them South American country’s n we no that’s going digital in America a Europe Australia Africa one year two at most

  4. To me it’s obvious that the BTC will recover eventually, but I’m opening positions a bit lower than the current price (29k and 28k). My 30k position today is currently at more than 100% profit (30x leverage), but the TP will probably be hit by tomorrow. If it does, I’ll probably open a short and try to ride the downtrend until the 29k at least.

  5. Last year BTC dropped to this price and right after skyrocketed to 69k. I think we’ll be ok.

  6. This will get you throught the crypto bear market ok? What about getting through the great reset? No food, water, power, gas and chaos on the streets. You prepared for that? Not just for a month or two.. Im talking years

    1. It won’t happen for years. Maybe a few days but not years… you’re talking like 2050 zombie apocalypse lol

  7. However, Bitcoin/Tether remains my main purchase and I am sure that the price will start to rise soon.

  8. That’s great content, it’s definitely worthy of like! And what about a Kyrrex exchanger? Have you heard about their KRRX token?? I’m thinking of buying it now since it’s supposed to go up 3x before the summer! At least I hope so 😊

  9. I like Bitboy don’t get me wrong. But it seems that we all sat here talking about how it’als not a bear market for months, and suddenly we are just sayin’ it’s a bear market…oh well, got my crypto blues this am….

  10. “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.” –Eleanor Roosevelt

  11. Its a definite bear market. Bottom around Dec maybe. Hold on tight! Any news is just noise in the cycle

  12. The bow draws back to release the arrow into the sky’ …🏹 ….🌎

    Bitcoin and Litecoin reward halving supply shock on its way, summertime surge will very very soon be in play ….. 🌬….🏄🏼‍♂️

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