Bitcoin Could “PLUNGE” To $5,000 | Bold New BTC Prediction

The bitcoin predictions in this bearishness are in complete impact and lots of are requiring Bitcoin cost to fall to $5,000 and even lower. Where are individuals getting this information from? Is it constant with previous cycles? Is it reasonable even in the midst of ongoing recession?

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Crypto Capital Endeavor is big on tracking bitcoin market in particular. The basic facility of technical analysis videos on Crypto Capital Endeavor is that although Bitcoin price rate relocations very in a very volatile method, there is much chance in being gotten ready for advantage and downside. We also cover Bitcoin on this channel as it comes out.

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Bitcoin Could "PLUNGE" To $5,000 | Bold New

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    1. If BTC is taken out of all exchanges and held in personal wallets or custody; it follows, new BTC value will depend upon costs miners incurred hashing BTC blockchain plus a reasonable profit. That could increase as energy costs increase but the direct linkage to country’s currencies will be lost absent exchanges buying and selling BTC. What do you think?

    2. I don’t think that 5k is reasonable but where I would say the bottom range for btc is gonna be wherever it was sitting pre covid. Cause if the fed’s objective is to reign in inflation to pre covid levels, then I would assume this is where btc will get to too. But if what the Fed is doing actually triggers a serious ecnomic downward spiral, then perhaps btc too goes below that level I suggested.

  1. 5K seems too low. The only way for a 5k btc, 8k even, was if interest rates got completely insane. Since that didn’t happen, I think we actually saw the bottom already.

  2. Hey Dan just seen a prediction that Bitcoin will overtake gold. Interesting 🤔. But if Ethereum and cardano overtake Bitcoin in the future. Which is predicted. Ethereum and cardano will be the future crypto CURRENCY 👍

  3. During the 2020 short COVID recession, the price of BTC did not go below the low of 2018. In this sense, even if we have recession announced and traditional market bottoms in 2023, we do not necessarily go below the $15000 low today.

  4. Although I’m sceptical and somewhat sick of predictions, this possible scenario is why I always keep some tether or cash unspent

  5. Another great video! Would love to see you do a video on AMP Token, feel like it has some striking similarities to Cardano in the early days with a lot of folks leaving it for dead

  6. I’ve had the feeling BTC would be going to 3k as well. Clearing out all my Alts going into BTC and AZY456 only, maybe a little BNB.

  7. You can call AZY456 bots but that does not change the fact that the shill is absolutely deserved. Out of all launches we had, talk about ETH, talk about XRP, talk about all these new chains but AZY456 breaks everything

  8. While everyone is focused on BTC, ETH or any top alt coin and playing defensive they are missing on quality projects that are about to be launched on CEX. For example AZY456 will hit mainstream soon, 10x-20x quite possible even during this bear market but only few people know about this.

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