Bitcoin CRASH TO 24K (Ethereum & Crypto STRUGGLE To Stabilize)

Today we'll be discussing BTC's epic CRASH down to $25K, dragging the rest of the markets with it. What's next? We will look at USDT briefly losing its dollar peg amid Terra's UST stablecoin complete collapse. Lastly, we'll talk about ApeCoin and its 45% recovery since hitting a low of $5.00.

Around the is your favorite Cryptocurrency show discussing Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, and the top . Our four experts include Johnny Hopper, Lifer, Steve McGarry, and Ben Armstrong. Tune in for their insightful .

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Bitcoin CRASH TO 24K (Ethereum & Crypto STRUGGLE To Stabilize)

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  1. Well Gensler is heavily educated and understands crypto. So politicians understanding crypto in a liberal state is just so they know better how to attack it. Case and point, LUNA. Everyone needs to defend LUNA instead of acting like ppl should have known better or its Do Kwons fault. Stop it

    1. It’s the big, bad regulators fault when crypto tanks but when we all lose money from a lack of regulation the first thing people will say is we needed regulation.

  2. i been in crypto since 2014..
    Do Your Own Research.

    there is no crystal 🔮 ball in cryptocurrency,
    just hopes and broken dreams.

    only invest money you can afford to lose and not your happiness.

    ..this too shall pass 🤓

  3. Now that everyone is thinking we going down.

    Let’s face now that most are saying that we prob go back up.

  4. Respect to Ben for always speaking out! Also, its way more than 1B lost….its like 60B! UST and Luna are already 0

  5. When was that 24k crash? Just stop with the stupid titles, if you put out decent content people will watch

  6. A sincere Thank you to you guys to be here and take the time to explain and give us your opinion ! keep it up and best of luck to y´all !

  7. What if it will crash further to 10k or below may be some people say it’s crazy statement but my analysis says it possible

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