BITCOIN & CRYPTO Under ATTACK (DARK Times Ahead Under Jerome Powell)

Today we will be discussing congress voting to confirm Jarome Powell for a second term as Federal Reserve Chair and what that means for the going forward. Next we'll look at the new Texas law that will allow for social media companies to be sued., and last we'll talk about FTX's Sam Bankman-Fried taking a $650M stake in Robinhood.

Around the Blockchain is your favorite Cryptocurrency show discussing , , Cardano, and the . Our four crypto experts include Crypto Factor, Ragzy, Crypto Stache, & Andrew Mo. Tune in for their insightful crypto analysis!

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BITCOIN & CRYPTO Under ATTACK (DARK Times Ahead Under Jerome Powell)

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  1. They tryna scare crypto holders into switching their investments into their corrupt failing markets 😂… The scumbagery is off the charts!

    1. Yup. They do the extreme opposite during a nice bull run. (Why Btc will hit 1 million).

    2. Wait so you mean these guys are only looking out for themselves & have a deadly ego. Lol I bet they can’t see past there own nose

  2. Is deezy able to ask one single question without steering? Is it this or??? Let somebody else have their own thought somebody told you that’s how you have to guide the interview to be a good interviewer

    1. Idk why they have such a stringent air time. Deezy does a pretty good job of pushing the conversations along but it also cuts out a lot of valuable input from guests.

    2. @Daniel Santiago doesn’t matter if it’s guys sitting around playing poker,, you know what I’m talking about, it’s, every question that he asks . He could save a lot of time if he’s just asked the question and stopped talking

  3. Love everything y’all do but if you have Robinhood account, delete it and get a TD Ameritrade account for stocks. Use other exchanges for crypto. Robinhood isn’t for beginners, it’s appealing for younger or undereducated people in financial markets. They’re the artificial fishing lure of exchanges. Don’t eat their bait.

  4. I can’t believe people talked about the Texas law and didn’t point out that Elon and many of his businesses are in Texas! Which questions the value of their opinions

  5. An ex-colleague convinced me into stock trading and investment as a means of making more income maybe because of the few commissions she earns bringing people. Sad i fell, My portfolio have been down ever since. Next time, i will first spend my money on myself before investing.

    1. if its your first year in investment its a blessing.. if you are near retirement its chaos

      going down is better than going up if you want to earn x10 or x20.. you dont get that buying on the way up

    2. If you must chase the hot picks perhaps for
      the larger profits then go through a Pro
      because being very much more profitable it is riskier too. Don’t come here blaming anyone.

    3. lam in a similar fix too. Hopeful the market revives soon. Pls where can i check ROIC, Market Caps, comprehensive flows e.t.c. And again can you say a Pro to hire or work with?

    4. Personally i prefer to work with “FLORETTABELLCALDWELL ” She’s quite popular and a director with NTS. You can look her up on the internet by searching her name. in all honesty, she is an Angel.

    5. She’s really Vast i must say. I listened to her podcast on Nft bubble she is a Great speaker, full of humor and rhetorics. I so much loved her presentation.

  6. Right, and today this happened, Right?? And fed now is cool, Right? And why do I need to say Right at the end of a bunch of sentences like what, are you asking me if I agree? It’s a disease of 2020.

    1. I once heard someone say a person is trying to subliminally convince whomever they’re talking to to agree with them when they use “right?” at the end of every sentence

  7. These guys are guessing like the rest of us. They all got the top of the bull market wrong and they’ll get most of the bear market wrong too. (Like most of us). Just hold. I’ve been noticing Ben’s relentless nature in saying we’re in a bear market. As if we don’t know and will be scared. The bear market technically started in May 2021. The big rise in November was not supposed to happen. It was due to the fed printing all that money.

    1. The reason it dropped the first time was the china fud and elon musk saying tesla is no accepting bitcoin, it tanked the market. The second peak was more natural.

    1. Mmmm anytime it dumps u get people like u…all assets fluctuate in price..however btc has a fixed amount…value is all subjective,humabs give value to things

  8. Dollar is dead, the world’s economy is dying with it.
    When you have a piece of paper which doesn’t rely on any valuable resource, it will die.
    Same thing for crypto : Nothing behind it, it wouldn’t last long.

    The USA will have to switch to Crypto in any means, people just don’t want printed paper anymore.
    Russians are trying to definitively get rid of it. (Not supporting any side here)
    Others will follow.

  9. Stop buying the hype coins (LUNA) and stick with a serious big researched project like Cardano.

  10. Cardano. People working for people. Not VCs. Commits….serious momentum! Hype free. Did not bribe coindesk and cointelegraph….like Cripple did.

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