Bitcoin Falls by 550 Million (Cardano Failure Discovered)

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In this video, we will discuss the price of , Ethereum, and the top . We'll take a look at the cryptocurrency markets and the latest crypto news.

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Bitcoin Falls by 550 Million (Cardano Failure Discovered)

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  1. A few Facts about $TWEP

    Total Value Locked

    Market Cap


    – $255,389

    They are listing on major exchanges soon. 👍

  2. man I didn’t expect the dump so come so quickly , I was thinking end of this month , it took me unawares haha , I didn’t TP

    1. @D S yeah that’s what am thinking too , that will be my second opportunity to TP, I never saw this coming 😅

  3. It’s not a FAILURE it’s a bug that was realized and being fixed (BEFORE RELEASE.) To insure it runs smoothly, people would appreciate the fact that this project is being taken seriously. Stop flip flopping like this click bait title.

    1. We will be okay, in these times it’s best to go outside and enjoy quality time with your friends and family 👍

    2. It’s a failure but still improves in eth. I wouldn’t touch either of them tbh. Won’t touch btc either. I’m all about utility

    3. @Alun Walters funny how Cardano is all in his portfolio. This guy loves Cardano smh but people like me who watches on a daily basis isnt bothered, because we click on it naturally without headline

  4. Can you guys bring back Eric Krown for some TA? He’s been right on the money, I’ve been waiting for this signal to short.

  5. I understand the intent to have guests on increasing the show’s exposure and keep the communities cross integrated; however, Frankie Candles is far better at TA than Carl and it should be highly cautioned for following his advice on trading positions. (Verify this data by pulling his yt videos). Keep up the great work and if Frankie Candles wants to join Kairos, we’ll always have a home for him. 🤜🤛

  6. Why frame this as negative? Total click bait header that prioritises you own self interest for a few extra clicks. Be authentic, genuine and work in the best interests of the industry. The conversations that have occurred around Vasil were with the best intentions on all sides. Some developers were not confident to move forward and they raised it. The decentralised nature of the eco system means that the foundation, developers, exchanges and stake pools much be confident. It’s brilliant! This should be something you shine a positive light on.

  7. That’s what the testnet is for, to find bugs before they could release on the testnet, nothing bad happened, bug got discovered before doing any damage and is being fixed atm.

  8. They just wanna bring Cardano down because they know Cardano is big time. One day it will patience is the key

  9. These clickbait headlines are ridiculous. The “failure” was just a bug detected on testnet for a nonessential feature that was rolled back and removed for adding back to a future hard fork. Its literally not a problem.

  10. Tornado cash and protocols like it are the most important for the future of this space. No one wants to use the Metaverse when everyone else can look into everyone else’s wallet and see how much they have. Privacy is a fundamental right of humanity for many reasons which may not be apparent to most living in a state of privilege. Just because someone believes in privacy doesn’t make them a criminal.

  11. About Cardano! – probably some ETH VCs and Blackrock want to buy cheep ADA 🙂 – be serious please.

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