Bitcoin Greatest Hedge Against Record Inflation (Justin Sun Expands Tron Ecosystem)

Today we will be discussing the inverse correlation between BTC and the DXY, and how it affects the markets as a whole. Next, we'll look at how Tron is following in the footsteps of Luna, and launching a Stablecoin that is backed by $10B in assets. Lastly, we'll talk about Snoop Dogg's new NFT farming metaverse project that is in partnership with Mobland.

Around the Blockchain is your favorite show discussing , Ethereum, , and the top altcoins. Our four crypto experts include Crypto Blood, Crypto Lifer, Rice TVx, & Ben Armstrong. Tune in for their insightful crypto analysis!

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Crypto Lifer:



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Greatest Hedge Against Record Inflation (Justin Sun Expands Tron Ecosystem)

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  1. I want to know if this “around the blockchain” show was inspired by around the horn? I love the crossover of this concept from sports talk to crypto.

  2. It’s funny how bitboy wants everybody to come on the show but when Justin sun asked if he could come one bitboy politely refused and said an unsure no

  3. I’m hoping the bottom falls out. Yeah, it’ll hurt my stack. But I want to buy some 20k bitcoin. I’ve got gold on the side ready to deploy. That’s why I diversify. When crypto goes up, take profits and buy gold. Gold will never lose 30% overnight like crypto. When crypto drops, sell gold and buy cheap crypto 👊🏻. Rinse and repeat

    1. @morrissey guy takes what? I have most my crypto on ledgers and most of my physical metals stored 12 foot underground.

    2. @Wargasm54 i’ll agree with you on that brother. Ammo will be the new currency when the grid goes down. I’m def prepared too for that, got the whole fam bug out bags and everything

    1. @Diron Bates yup, that’s why it’s super important that we’re paying attention to crypto now. The ultimate exit strategy from the broken trad-fi system.

  4. Thank you for your videos and time in putting this together! I check every video to help me on my crypto journey. I’m pretty new to this space. I want to see if you could help me and my community figure out the Revolution? We have started a group to understand this special contract. There is a special message in the code.

  5. Snoop isn’t the end all to marketing, he’s just building his brand, the next George Foreman to infomercials

  6. I’ve heard a lot of you tubers say the retail buyer is not here yet. With all the bearish crypto sentiment coming from the same youtubers are the hedge funds and institutional buyers really going to look at a blood diamond on an indicator and sell there BTC?

  7. Rice saying…the dollar’s fighting against globalization??? Come on, the dollar *is* globalization.

  8. People hatin on tron but he was right about trc20 usdc or usdt faster and cheaper. These guys suppress crypto they don’t hold. Tron has excellent passive income. Ben is bought and follows erc20 mostly and needs to protect his bags. Its so obvious in his drama. Not truth reporting only pumping and shill. Very untrustworthy

  9. The successful adoption of the metaverse is dependant on whether a player can make a real wage. To keep participants participating is you introduce businesses through gamification. Players benefits from the rewards, team benefits from the transactions. Then focus on building a sick metaverse

  10. Hey bitboy ever heard of Zenith Zta backed by gold oil Gems research still in presale please research this coin

  11. I remember the 2008 inflation in America. The USD will be trash for a few years so you are going to want to get into another currency. AUD will become stronger as USD goes down, check that out or put your cash into Crypto. Just look at what happened in 2008 and make your decision from those charts

  12. TRX is going to 1.1 in mid-may, they are right about Justin Sun, but the thing is that this thing works…the world moves how it moves, and the reality is that this project is going to explode.

    1. Agreed, Tron is 100 a very smooth functioning Blockchain and is positioned correctly whether people want to see it or not

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