Bitcoin Hits $42,069!! (Coinbase Beta Marketplace goes LIVE!)

In this video, we will discuss the price of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the . We'll take a look at the cryptocurrency markets and the latest crypto .

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Bitcoin Hits $42,069!! (Coinbase Beta Marketplace goes LIVE!)

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  1. I’m for xrp but your contradicting yourself ben about the world economic form. Xrp is part of them. Ripple and xrp are on there website lol.

  2. Hawks don’t just need defense, they also need someone else, besides Trae, that can consistently hit a jump shot

  3. WEYU: NFT market place that has a token with usability/utility, tech support, and ease of use. Will outshine Coinbase NFT

  4. The crypto market faces so many
    Pump or dump, leading to so many losses of crypto from
    unprofessional or unwise investors.

    1. it’s of most importance that you get to be guided
      with the help of a registered expert broker in
      other to make and maximum profit and cut
      down loss.

    2. I will recommend my current trader expert Judith ,, she is from Uk and her strategies are earning a lot of profit for me.

    3. I trade with her too. Truth is, a lot of YouTubers
      don’t care if you lose money, they just
      want more views and traffic! this is why I
      respect her. She takes her time to
      coach you in steps.

  5. Wow. Ben is such an ego maniac, that even when faced with criticism for being so wrong about the market cycle, he acts like hes crypto jesus, taking the heat for all the memes.

  6. PA V1 V2 is just too much. Should have focused on V1. v2 cant even get blue checked. Waste of money.

  7. Once again Bitboy with a killer segment on stating the obvious and wasting a lot of words by talking a lot and saying nothing at all.

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