Bitcoin Holds Critical Support at $39,200 (MASSIVE Ethereum Merge DELAY!!!)

In this video, we will discuss the price of Bitcoin, , and the top altcoins. We'll take a look at the cryptocurrency markets and the latest .

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Bitcoin Holds Critical Support at $39,200 (MASSIVE Merge DELAY!!!)

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  1. I’d be willing to bet we can counter trade you’re bearish prediction for BTC. You guys have been wrong a lot with this type of prediction. This is just a longer cycle. All you have to do is look at Benjamin Cowen’s cycle from halving chart. The blow off top will happens later this year.

  2. This week: ‘Guys. Guys. Listen. I’ve been saying for months now. We re in a bear market. Even though I was just bullish last week toward new all time highs. We just gotta be honest here’

    Last week: ‘Guys looks like Benjaimn Cowen is right. I’m thinking new all time highs this year guys. I’ve been saying this all along cause I’m so high IQ and I’ve only ever ben wrong about Etheruem Valentines day and Bitcoin 100k 2021 so uhhh you know uhhh I’m very credible’

  3. 7:40 lol
    11:00 xrp ftw
    35:00 facts risk reward ftw
    45:50 damn metamask sellin out to JP MORGAN 🥶

  4. Funding accounts and savings may well become a target in the present crises 🎯

    Bitcoin & Litecoin will help to prevent your funds from being ‘frozen’’ …🌿….🕊

  5. I am so relieved in that you come out said that you are bearish on the market today cuz I know for sure now that that will not happen and we will accumulate some more and head for an all-time high

  6. Ethereum is dead.
    Solana is the future, it’s already orders of magnitude faster than Eth 2.0 will ever be.
    The future is here already.

  7. Then I hope you’re right and the Ethereum 2.0 doesn’t release till September… That will give # Pulsechain time to launch in front of Ethereum and people will move to save on gas fees

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