Bitcoin Invasion Is Coming To Brazil! (Best Time To Accumulate Bitcoin Is NOW)

In your nightly crypto wrap up, we bring you the top ! Tonight: The first and Gold ETP has been launched. What does this mean for the future of both assets? Brazil’s Senate gives the greenlight. We’ll update you on the latest . Finally, institutional investors have high expectations for the future of crypto.

What We Discuss:
0:00 Intro
0:16 BOLD
1:47 Brazil's
3:14 Market Watch with Taco
5:51 Institutional Investors
7:59 Conclusion

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Bitcoin Invasion Is Coming To Brazil! (Best Time To Accumulate Bitcoin Is NOW)

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  1. Brazil is the 7th largest economy in the world with a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of U$2.4 trillion. This is huge!!!!

  2. These are nice to catch before bed… As much as I give you guys crap in your live chatt… You guys are doing a great job …. Thanks for doing these

  3. I don’t know who needs to hear this but stop saving all your money. Invest some of it if you want financial freedom

  4. The news are not that good for us Brazilians. The bill that has been approved by the senate says that only the exchanges that are previously authorized by the “central bank” and that has a head office here. Will be able to commercialize cryptos. It means that Brazilians won’t be able to buy cryptos in exchange that are out of Brazil. It will turn the crypto prices to much higher. There are many other things that are so bad in this bill.

    Keep in mind, guys. Not YOUR wallet, not YOUR money.

    1. I think that people can still buy in other exchange platforms but will be discouraged at the beginning in order to protect those who do not understand the volatility of the market that can significantly affect the value of their btc. The government can’t really stop you from investing or trading and online purchase unless you have a law prohibiting those?

      Depending on the value, the frequency and timing of when to buy at other exchanges, you guys need to take into consideration the gas fee associated with moving funds. Like El Salvador, your country’s early adaptation could work to your advantage as I really foresee that digital currency is the next form of exchange. Goodluck Brazil! Hope it works out for you.

    2. @malaya Well, I got two questions for you. How would you feel like if you had been living in a country that has so many corruption scandal? How would you feel if in this country these politicians would like to create a law that downregulate cryptos?

  5. BTC has been in an uptrend since January after a mid-cycle correction and has been in an uptrend since the start of this bull run. Sounds like bull market.

  6. “Next time the market goes up and to the right, it’s going to be monumental”? That’s what all the youtubers were saying last time. When the spot ETF happens, THAT’S when it will be monumental.

  7. It’s always the best time to accumulate Bitcoin! I invested a lot of Tether in it in the last couple of months, I hope I’ll be able to buy cheap BTC for some more time.

  8. the losers of the day is Ben. He told us apecoin would drop to $3 however $9 was bottom and I waited now I don’t own any and it’s $20. I’ve watched Ben for a year and a half and out of everything his apecoin prediction has made me miss out on the 200 apes I wanted to buy at $9

    1. Need to learn the charts yourself, make your own decisions. Trust me. I only watch to kill time and MAYBE pick up a nugget. I’ve unplugged from 99% of the people “calling prices”.

    2. Ok after reading it back that was not how I meant it. Not that Ben was a loser I guess I’m the loser for not being able to get them as cheap as I could of. Was meaning the prediction of his was a loser

  9. The volume level on the podcast version of these shows has been very low. 2 earbuds and full volume barely works.

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