is selling an incredibly similar way to 2018 crypto bearishness. Even today price is at an extremely vital location when compared to information from 2018. Mix in economic and international occasions, and is one move away from signaling a crypto crash.

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* The above video recommendations a viewpoint and is for /information and entertainment purposes just. It is not intended to be financial investment advice, financial recommendations, or any solicitation, recommendation, recommendation, or offer that you buy or sell any cryptocurrency or securities. Trading in cryptocurrencies and securities is a high threat activity involving danger of loss so please seek a properly licensed specialist for investment or financial suggestions. The details supplied on this video ought to not be used to make any financial investment or financial decisions without consulting your financial or investment advisor. This video includes my viewpoint only and is not intended to cause harm or malign anybody or any entity.

Crypto Capital Venture is big on tracking bitcoin market in particular. The basic facility of technical analysis videos on Crypto Capital Endeavor is that although Bitcoin price relocations extremely in a very unpredictable way, there is much chance in being gotten ready for benefit and drawback. We likewise cover Bitcoin on this channel as it comes out.

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  1. I’ve learned so much from all these videos- enough to know I shouldn’t be worried at all about the bear market lasting for awhile…

  2. Appreciate your insight Dan, your the man God bless. Part of me wants the market to pump and other side is enjoying it staying down giving me more time to accumulate

  3. With all the whales / institutional investors on the sidelines waiting to enter on crypto, if we see a huge dip, how long could it really last?

  4. Agreed. Global macro economic state is vastly different to 2018. Worth being very mindful of this as you say when making comparisons.

  5. If most people have lost all their gains and are huge in the red, then how can they prepare for anything? Its fine if you are wealthy and u have cash to buy the bottom.

    1. if this was your first bull/bear cycle than yes, most ppl have. Others with more experience are much better at taking profits. If i were you just wait it out, you will be much wiser next cycle

    2. @topgun213 yes in the first cycle you’re pretty much a baby, this is why with every new cycle there will be more awareness, and slow but strong projects will get stronger and loud and fast cash grab projects will get weaker. Also you learn not to listen to anyone and follow your gut, like I did with Terra. Solana and Avalanche next.

  6. Outstanding work as always Dan! We are definitely not out of the woods yet! I would say fasten your seatbelt as we could be in for a very bumpy ride! What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger & this is what will happen as we get closer to BTC halving but we are long way from that. I agree with you 100%, Zoom out & be prepared, it’s much better than getting caught with your pants down!

  7. great analysis, much appreciated. i have started dcaing at this point, aware of the potential further downside. risk/reward is good.

  8. I’m glad I started with crypto back then because it was a turning point for me financially, my best decision yet

  9. Energy Costs could lead BTC miners to sell some more…and the fact that Global recession is getting worse, leads retail to sell some of its assets. If we cant say that November is bottom, than March is maybe the next Date to look at!

  10. Gotta love this accumulation period, I’m starting to understand now the possibilities way more than what I accumulated toward the top…. Dollar cost average is the key to success. Never thought I’d be able to diversify as I have now with meaningful long term positions

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